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At 6:40pm on February 7, 2009, Just One More Book! Children's Book Podcast said…
At 11:41am on January 2, 2009, Stefan Richter said…
Hi David,
thanks for following up. I'm definitely interested in talking further and we should probably best take this to email or phone/Skype. (please drop me a message on stefan AT muchosmedia.com)

I can definitely help you with the video recording application too, that's right up my street. Note that I am traveling until January 7th and may be slow to reply before then.

Hope to speak soon,

At 5:32am on January 2, 2009, Paula said…
Hi Ddeubel! Happy new year!
Let me tell you a bit about me. I am from Argentina, where I have carried out some research that showed a very small percent of secondary school teachers make actual use of the Internet in for their practices. I will be giving a talk next february to share ideas and resources with many colleagues who do not even know about web 2.0. I participate of classroom 2.0 but would like to start my own network so as to show my colleagues here in Argentina what one can do whith sites like NIng(and also as a personal challenge!) If you could please join me at

Thank you!
At 5:14am on January 2, 2009, Dr.Tamishra Swain said…
Wish you Happy New Year 2009.
At 12:47pm on October 30, 2008, Bablingua said…
Dear Ddeubel,

We already have the website of our project finished and we’d like to share it with you.

The goal of Bablingua is to offer good audiovisual materials filmed in Hispanic countries that can help teachers to enrich their classes. In the website there are short videos, long videos, vocabulary cards and a blog with free activities, games and new ideas for the foreign language class.

Please, visit us at : www.bablingua.com, and let us know your opinion, comments and ideas you have to improve it.

Alvaro and Laura

At 3:57am on May 30, 2008, Ruth Sheffer said…
if you fancy a holiday July 15-16 come on over to our conference
sorry can't fund you :-(
but maybe you Korean dudes make more money than we do!!
At 12:23am on May 30, 2008, Ruth Sheffer said…
brilliant slideshow Dave, I think you covered all the bases. Do you mind if I share it with the English teaching community in Israeli www.etni.org.il?
At 7:33am on May 27, 2008, Sarah Hanawald said…
Hey Dave--I had all my students download and install Karafun this morning. Now they are blogging and I'm looking for your website, which isn't coming up?
At 12:37pm on May 19, 2008, Dorit Eilon said…
Hi David,
Can you please post your comment on our "google" discussion "we need your voice" or directly on our blog -
would like to comment but the post is on Lynn's post
At 6:33pm on April 30, 2008, Karen Fasimpaur said…

Thanks for the comment on the sight word video. I've looked at Voicethread a little but hadn't thought of it for this (mostly because for my intended audience, the videos will be played offline on mobile devices). Good idea. I'll pursue it.
At 8:27am on April 30, 2008, isobel.lowther said…
David, Hello, yes clouds are easy to get lost in -- and fun too -- as a girl I would go up into those same fells where the romance poets once "frolicked!" and would lay for hours looking at the clouds and see a bishop, a fish, a clown, as big puffy clouds rolled by -- it was the first lesson of "looking outwards" and I have been doing it ever since -- I would ask everyone who reads this to also look at the skies and our clouds and see how another one of our "commons" is being brutalized by the spraying of aluminum particulates and other compounds that are being released into the air. There are over 80 contractors dumping "stuff" into the atmosphere and answer to no one! When these particles fall to earth they get into the lakes, rivers, streams and when the trees suck up the moisture they absorb the chemicals that overwhelm their systems, consequently we are loosing major trees, grasses, and ground cover that holds the soil. I have made myself an advocate for the clouds and everyone else can too. Thank you for responding to my post - - I love the Shelly poem and lets not forget Mr. Wordsworth! I am planning to wander through classroom 2.0 but I suspect I will not be lonely. I am looking forward to a new exciting education here in classroom 2.0 it will be the teacher being the student and the student being the teacher -- I think that is from a Course in Miracles -- and miracles are all around us. Thanks again I am looking forward to being part of this wonderful classroom and sharing with you my summer initiative with a group of kids from the projects looking at their world using video.
At 8:10pm on March 30, 2008, Paul McMahon said…
Hey David,
Thanks for the comment and for making contact. I am working independently here which seems to be another way of saying that I am unemployed! From what I read and hear, the Korean government is more receptive of the use of technology for learning core subjects. Most schools here in Hong Kong are still stuck on seeing it as a subject within itself. A lot of the international schools are embracing it which is why they are oversubscribed by Hong Kong parents.
I am sure that we can share a lot in the future. Let's stay in touch.

At 10:58am on February 7, 2008, Karl O'Leary said…
David, I would love for you to share your material at http://creativeteachernetwork.ning.com/
At 7:12pm on December 22, 2007, Brian said…
Thanks, David, for responding--right now we're on Break in the States, so I'm enjoying the family.

The Great Wall is a sight to behold!
At 7:44pm on December 17, 2007, Brian said…
Neat write up about what you do--my niece taught in S. K. on a Fulbright. Do any classes blog/exchange writings, etc.?
At 7:11am on August 12, 2007, Connie Weber said…
Hi David,
Thanks for your comments on my page about the farm, and about use of Voicethread. If you have time, write some more to me about how an assignment might go with use of this tool. It does sound very powerful.

I did learn a whole lot more from Gardner and Dave Perkins, and the whole Project Zero group. In fact, it was the best educational conference I've ever done, across 30 years. I'm trying to put together those ideas with all my other recent studies into an article for publication. Lots of thinking going on.
At 10:24pm on July 28, 2007, Jess McCulloch said…
Hey David, thanks for leaving a comment on my page a few days ago. I checked out your efl classroom and joined up. Looking forward to some good discussions and ideas!
At 12:23pm on July 22, 2007, Larry Ferlazzo said…
David, thanks for leaving a comment on my page, and telling me about your website and eflclassroom.ning. I'll definitely check-out both. It sounds like you're doing great work!
At 7:03pm on July 5, 2007, ddeubel said…

I took almost a week of extensive trail and error to come up with a low cost, functional and smooth operating convertor. So many others didn't do the job and many functions, actions were lost in the converting. As well, they didn't compress well. But I found the gold mine!!!!

Flashspring. Get the demo here. http://www.flashspring.com/download_flashspring_pro_2_1.html

I have no problems with only the demo. It is fully functional and the only difference with the genuine, is the watermark and the last slide credit. But the watermark is at the bottom and doesn't block any of the presentation. Works like a charm. If you look at any of my folders on my webpage (www.ddd.batcave.net) at esnips, you can see them in action. All converted. I'll send you an invite to the larger folders which are private and for members of my own ning site.

I am still using Movie Maker and Premier Pro but because I do a lot of ebooks, would really like to start using Story maker 3. I tried Flip the book (??) but despite how the end product looks, too uncompatible because the reader needs a special program.

I like your blog and especially the Zeitgeist, as well as the animations by your students. Very cool. And also thanks for leading me to edublogs.....great stuff!

At 4:55pm on July 5, 2007, Kevin H. said…
How are you converting powerpoint to flash? I am very interested to learn some new tricks.


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