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At 3:40am on March 4, 2009, Anne Mirtschin said…
Hello Jane, I have co-hosted here with you for a while, but have not really connected. Just want to say that I have really enjoyed reading your book "Re-inventing Project Based Learning" There is a wealth of information and material in there.
At 10:44pm on March 3, 2009, iRushd said…
thnx nancy..i m done with my project n have prepared a technical report,presentation and wiki entry regarding it.If u want, I could send it to you.
At 3:40pm on March 3, 2009, LPickup said…
I am very new to 2.0. I am taking an online course through my school district called 23 things (its about 2.0) I am also in the process of applying for a very large technology grant. My goal is to have my kids blog their daily journals for math and science in an effort to improve their English communication skills. I teach newcomer ELL students. Do you have any awesome ideas that would help me to implement this. I was thinking netbooks, flip cameras, Ipod touch and well, I am not sure what else would get the students as excited as I am about blogging and communicating .
At 2:44pm on March 3, 2009, Robert Payo said…
ah, Govinda's! yes, that's it. love it! nice to know it's still there. i heard about the science cafes. my friend Marilyn Johnson at OMSI has run a few of those there.
At 1:50pm on March 3, 2009, Karenne Sylvester said…
Hi ya, Jane - yes, I do.

I feel a bit like I've fallen down the rabbit hole. I'm a teacher-trainer in NewMedia and Technology and most of the time feel like I've been knocking my head against a wall (I live in Germany).

In the last week or so discovered Ning and one group leads to another and holy moly arrived here-- and I got some catching up to do!!

At 12:00pm on March 3, 2009, Robert Payo said…
Hi Jane: Yes, I'll be sure to do that. Just wanted to get registered and will get back to it when I have more time later this week. It's very unseasonable here indeed..I need to get out. BTW, I worked at OMSI and had many nice memorable trips to Eugene teaching for the museum. There was a great vegetarian restaurant there that I always went to, but can't remember what the name of it was.
At 3:11pm on February 25, 2009, Jennifer Perino said…
Hi Jane...I play guitar and sing. I have been playing instruments since I was a kid, but have never had any formal music training. I learn by ear and by color...like the notes have a color....for me it's all instinct and not about the notes on the page. Are you a musician too?
At 10:18pm on February 22, 2009, Polly Woods said…
Hello Jane --

I'm an education grad student in the Houston area; just signed up with Classroom 2.0 today -- trying to figure out if it'd be a good forum for conducting a survey for an action research project. I'm still working on the survey, but will need to connect with a number of English Lang. Arts teachers when I've got it ready. I assume I can put a link to my survey on me Classroom 2.0 page? Can you tell what the best way would be to reach out to ELA teachers specifically to ask for help with this?

Thanks so much,
Polly Woods
At 4:38pm on February 22, 2009, Donelle said…
I really enjoyed your book! Thank you for all of the wonderful insight. Will you be presenting at CUE this year?
At 10:00am on February 19, 2009, iRushd said…
Hello Ma'am..
I m a student of electronics engineering.I have Classroom 2.0 as my term project for ICT (Information and Communication technology) course.
MY project specifics are: How to efficiently use the available Classroom 2.0 online resources to increase learning/ productivity?

I have few questions regarding the Classroom 2.0 as follow:

1. When was Classroom 2.0 launched for general public officially?Date?
2. What else or which organization or people were involved with you in the creation?any co founders?
3. Who sponsored it?
4. What is there for a student in classroom 2.0?Other than reviewing or commenting on other teachers blogs?

Also if you could direct me to some resources or eading material regarding related to my project.I shall be grateful.
Thanks in advance.
You got a great thing going.CHeerz.
At 3:39am on February 12, 2009, Narzuty said…
Where can I find your book? Do you publish excerpt from the book online?

At 10:42pm on February 11, 2009, Lijun said…
Hi Jane,

I am a student at Georgia Tech in a class studying Online Communities. I am interested in Classroom 2.0 because of its unique outreach to educators. I would like to ask you about types of activities I can become involved in to better my understanding of the site. In addition, I would like to ask if you are interested in participating in an interview with me, about your own experience on this site. To find out more information, please visit


At 10:58am on January 31, 2009, Jack said…
Hi Jane. I was wondering if your students would be interested in participating in a nationwide SAT Vocab Video Contest @ MIT university. If not, perhaps you have some other educator contacts you could direct me to. You can view contest details at BrainyFlix.com Please let me know. Thanks!
At 1:58pm on January 29, 2009, Lisa Schwartz said…
Thanks Jane - yes maybe I didn't make it clear, but I meant I would just get temporary membership so I could show the site at prof. development meetings - not so that all the teachers could join.
The screen shots are a good idea, though not idea :)
If you know of anyone who might let me join for a day or to take screen shots let me know!! Thanks very much for your comment.

I actually think it's hard to move ning forward in education without being able to share examples so I think this is something to think about...and that I don't have a way to actually contact the teachers who have sites other than posting on this site or ning in ed site or similar site (when a site is private you can't ask for membership).
The only person who responded to me actually (Maria F. of http://scienceclassblogs.ning.com/) has an open classroom site and it was absolutely invaluable for the one training I did. I pretty much had no buy-in until I showed that site b/c for the folks in the training they just (hard as it may seem!) couldn't envision that use.
I owe Maria!
At 10:26am on January 29, 2009, Gayla Wilson said…
I am doing a presentation next week in Austin, TX at the Texas state convention of computer educators on Classroom 2.0 website.

While showing the attendees how to navigate the site, I would like to highlight some of the 'best' forums, blogs, member profiles, photos and videos. Do you have any suggestions.

I am asking each of the hosts as you guys are the Classroom 2.0 gurus.

Thanks in advance, Gayla
At 6:39pm on January 27, 2009, Kristie Holliday said…
Thanks for that information! I'll be sure to jump right in.
At 7:30pm on January 16, 2009, Lisa Schwartz said…
Hi Jane, you may not be the right person to ask but...I am doing some professional development on using nings in classrooms (grades 9 and 10 primarily) and it is very difficult the find examples of "ning classrooms" because they are private and open by invitation only. There is no way I can tell of asking those teachers if you can join for these purposes. All the folks I trained today really wanted to see was examples of other teachers sites.....I posted a discussion in the help section section of Ning in Education but only one person has responded (her response was invaluable). thanks for any help - it is greatly appreciated!
At 9:51am on January 15, 2009, Aaron Frye said…
Thank you!
At 7:07am on January 15, 2009, Dawn Mitchell said…
Thank you! I am enjoying this site and all it has to offer.
At 4:59am on January 15, 2009, Paul Farina said…
Thanks Jane,

Its all very daunting at the moment...but hopefully I will survive... I guess most people do!!! Im really excited about the potential that is out there!!! There is so much I just want to do and use in the classroom.


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