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At 7:23am on July 10, 2008, Debra Giannone said…
Hi Anne,

Thanks for the reassurance.
At 7:00am on July 10, 2008, Cathy said…
I absolutely love your video!
At 6:49am on July 10, 2008, Cathy said…
Thanks so much Anne. I look forward to collaborating with you.
At 6:39am on July 10, 2008, Sholom Eisenstat said…
I saw your comment made aat 4AM! but then saw that you're in Australia which must mean that the time stamp is at the server.....unless you're so dedicated to technology as to have given up sleep.

Isn't the FLIP camera a great thing! My wife carries hers around with her to all events.
At 6:11am on July 10, 2008, Jacques Cool said…
As George Siemens puts it: "Here" means less and less, "connected" means more and more. Just came back from NECC in San Antonio (where a few of your fellow Aussies were). Loved the Global connections piece of the conference... Soooo many possibilities. I work with a great bunch of online teachers who are also having fun with their students; I see my role in getting them to use even more pertinent tools to odo better what they are doing well. Our Spanish teacher teaches from Tegucigalpa Honduras (this is great for "experiential learning"), our Advanced Math teacher is having his students do Art work (yes- art in advanced math) with students from Romania. Our Media Studies teacher coordinates a blog with her studenbts and students from Morocco, exchanging their views on major issues. teamwork, hard work, fun work = students learning...
At 5:45am on July 10, 2008, Jacques Cool said…
Bonjour Anne. Thank you for the welcome message. By doing so, you are showing that beyond the "coolness" of the tools we now have, it's all about human connections, a community of practice comming together and exchanging. When I quickly look at all the faces in the intro page, I can't help but think that all these devoted teachers are truly great people... Have a great day!
At 11:11am on June 17, 2008, Daniel Rezac said…
I'm happy that CR 2.0 is connecting so many of us across the world. I kind of feel like we're on the fringe right now, but we can really help change the world from a social point of view. Speaking of social, I wonder what you think of my idea of Social Unit Design. It's probably not a new idea, but it's gaining motion. Let me know, and add a comment if you like. I love your ideas.
At 4:55pm on June 14, 2008, James Herbert II said…
I read an article over at the edublogger: "Here’s My First Five Tips For Writing Better Blog Posts — What Are Yours?". She mentions that we should comment on my readers post. Which I haven't and after reading her personal rant I am rather embarrassed about.

I thank you very much for 1. Reading and 2. Commenting on my blog. It's nice to know that some one else is reading my hastily written gunk and finding it interesting enough to comment on. I do sincerely appreciate it.
At 3:32am on June 14, 2008, James Edward Charles Webber said…
Hey Anne\

really really dont know where I am now
nwew school..just 2 weeks- maybe take a look at my blog
its on my profile!
(3rd school)- 무 and had enough

enjoy the time and the weather in London
(dont forget the standard postcards in town )
At 9:17pm on June 12, 2008, Brian said…
Hi Anne (re: video): No need to worry! We were in a nasty automobile wreck and are dealing with that and in two weeks I leave for Europe, on top of end-of-school-year stuff! Our video is filmed; now we just need to render it and record voices. Isn't it fun this time of year? ;-)
At 6:52pm on May 18, 2008, Chris Hebbard said…
Hi Anne,
Yeah I have solved all of my problems by switching to Firefox. I have also created a delicious account. I ha ve already introduced my students to it. However, I have not been able to have them use BOOLIFY as it relies on the Google search engine, which is blocked for students at our school.
At 3:59pm on May 6, 2008, Barbs1 said…
Thanks Anne. My twitter name is barbs1.
At 2:20pm on May 6, 2008, Barbs1 said…
Thanks for the welcome Anne. Between this and the comment challenge I will be really busy.
At 4:56pm on May 5, 2008, Remona Estep said…
Thanks for your reply, Anne. Mostly, the kind of thing that I am looking for is subtle rules of conduct and behavior that take time to learn and is usually learned from sustained interaction with others. Unspoken rules of conduct.
At 3:19pm on May 5, 2008, Anne Mirtschin said…
Hi Courtney. As yet, my students do not have individual accounts, but I am seriously considering doing so. The google docs were all in my name. The link to the google form was copied and pasted in a shared file on our school network server. Students copied the link and pasted it into an internet window tab, accessed it online, filled in the form and submitted it live. The results were shared between the teachers. The teacher in Florida just watched the results come in live.
I exported the raw spreadsheet results, (once all three schools had completed the forms) into excel back onto our shared folders (on school server). Students accessed them, saved them back in their folders, summarized the results, and charted them. They made a screen dump of the charts into MS Paint, converted to a jpg file and just uploaded the resultant image. I am about to try and embed the actual google data into my post.
I love using the google apps and would love to know how you get on. Google docs would be the easiest app to start with. If you want to share with someone our year 7 literacy teacher would love to work with someone. She is reasonably new to all this, but very enthausiastic and I could help her.
At 12:47pm on May 5, 2008, Courtney Rodgers said…
Hi. I was reading your post on using google docs. I am planning on starting a literature unit with my 7th grade students using google docs. Did you have each student create a gmail account? If not, what method did you use?
At 7:44am on May 3, 2008, Remona Estep said…
Dear Anne,

I am working on an ethnography for a graduate class and am having trouble coming up with answers to questions abouit rules and mores on CR20 as well as how decisions are made. Any light that you could shine on these topics would be greatly appreciated by me.
At 11:20pm on April 29, 2008, Or-Tal Kiriati said…
Hey Anne from Australia! Let's keep in touch here!
Oh... I'd love to visit Australia one day... :-)
At 4:49am on April 25, 2008, Vincent Mespoulet said…
Hi Anne !

What's new about Brian's video project ? We have created in School Beyond the Walls a group "Quiet days in my school" for your project, with geographic riddles to localize each school involved... Check out please

Hev a good day !
At 4:59pm on April 24, 2008, Steve Hargadon said…
Boy, you have been amazing in welcoming people! Good work, and thanks!


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