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At 10:55am on April 19, 2008, Vincent Mespoulet said…
Hi Anne,

i have sent you a friendship request for Brian's Video Project :)
At 6:29am on April 15, 2008, Anne Mirtschin said…
Hmm... James you are not having a very good time. Have you worked it all out yet. I hope you can enjoy life a bit better soon. Sorry to hear of all this.
At 8:53am on April 6, 2008, ECW said…
Hello Anne,
thanks for the encouragement...and ideas...but remember, if the internet goes kerflooie, i warned you!!!
At 5:17am on April 6, 2008, Henry Thiele said…
Thanks - yes I am familiar with a few 2.0 technologies. I figured I should make my way over to the Ning Group I have read so much about
At 1:28am on April 5, 2008, Elizabeth Wargo said…
Yes I'm in Shanghai. The actually my husband presented at the Learning 2.0 conference last year and two of my good friends and colleges organized it. It's outstanding you should really think about coming out for it.

Btw- thanks for the welcome message.
At 9:02am on April 4, 2008, Michelle said…
Hi Anne
Thanks so much for the info...I'm going to look into the distance ning. As for the Italy exchange, it really needs to be French because I'm a French teacher. I'm going to do some more research though taking full advantage of the links on your's a great resource!
At 12:40pm on April 1, 2008, Michelle said…
Hi Anne,
Your skype experience is what I've been dying to set up. Can you tell me how you were able to find a school to connect with? I'm desperately trying to do this with a school in France but I don't know how to go about finding one. Any help would be appreciated!
At 11:51pm on March 28, 2008, Kathleen said…
Hi Anne,
It looks like I will be entering a realm that I am not used to next year. I have been working with 8-11 year olds for the past 6 years and next year I will be working with 5-11 year olds. I see that you know about working with the little ones. Do you have anythng developed that migh assist me in age appropriate technology activities?
At 5:38pm on February 8, 2008, Laura Gibbs said…
SO INSPIRING - thanks for letting me know about the womenwhotech site - it looks fabulous! :-)
At 7:11pm on January 27, 2008, Helen Otway said…
Hi Anne,
Cool videos. You have inspired me to upload some of my viedos kicking around on my laptop and various other places.
At 7:30pm on January 14, 2008, Helen Otway said…
Hi Anne,
I think I may have seen you today on EdTalk. I didn't make the connection before.
At 1:55am on January 12, 2008, Vincent Mespoulet said…
Hi Anne, but this video was easy to do, and just for fun... You can easily get involved in our projects, even if your students don't speak french. I put an automatic translator on the pages of my network and we have chinese people in our site with a vey kind girl named Judy Wu, speaking both french and english.
get a look for example in the new group i created yesterday fo e.twinning betwen student of Sue (The Maze) and me abaut franco-american relationship...

In a firs step you can sign in, try to see if our site is ok for you, then suggest to your students to do the same. When a teacher in involved in a project with students, he has a co-administrator status 'cause my democratic network belongs to anyone using it ;-)

School beyond the Walls
At 7:12am on January 10, 2008, Laura Gibbs said…
Hi Anne, I read about the Skype adventures you had with your students - that is so fabulous! I love the idea that you and your students in Australia can be skyping with students in Korea and I can sit here in North Carolina and read about it in a blog. Somehow something good has to come from all this connectivity, I really believe that! Yeah!!!! :-)
At 5:14pm on January 3, 2008, kolson said…
Thanks for contacting me! I used to be an accountant before getting my business ed certification. I'm hoping to work my way up the ladder in my district so I can finally teach it in the high school someday, but for now I'm trying to get in at the technical college part-time while teaching keyboarding part-time. I would love to see what you do in Australia - I'll check your resources out as soon as I have a minute :-)
At 12:44am on December 29, 2007, James Edward Charles Webber said…
Merry Christmas
Sung Tan Chuk Ha

At 12:22pm on December 8, 2007, pete whitfield said…
Hey Anne - great blog posts! I hope you got your embedded mp3 sorted!
At 12:52am on November 17, 2007, Hans Feldmeier said…
Hi Anne, nice to meet you online and welcome to group DigiSkills as well:)
At 3:43am on November 7, 2007, Anne Mirtschin said…
Hi again Britt Make sure you join the distance collaborations group on classroom 20. I am sure you will find other schools and projects there for you to get involved in. I know I saw some there with a science and environmental bent. My contact was a possible future nibble.
At 10:14pm on November 6, 2007, Britt Gow said…
Hi Anne,
Who was the teacher from US interested in a collaborative project, perhaps with a science or environmental focus? It might be something I can follow up with the Year 9's next year?
regards, Britt.
At 4:55am on October 20, 2007, Anne Mirtschin said…
Hi Kevin
We would love to work with you on this. I am really proud of the work that the students did in their first time round podcasts and they would really enjoy working with students from other countries on a youth radio program.
thanks for contacting me and I guess you will be in touch with futher details on how we can get involved.


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