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At 7:13am on September 1, 2010, Sera Nelson said…
Anne, I work with a global non-for-profit IT organization. We work with schools in Australia too! Australia National University, for example, received one of our myCampus Portal Grants. So, please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.

What kind of grants were you looking for? The portal grant is more like an intranet or a community website for your school with single-sign-on access for all of those other systems you work with in your everyday life.
At 10:38am on August 16, 2010, Jane Krauss said…
Welcome to PBL~Better with Practice, Anne!
At 7:20am on August 12, 2010, Deborah J. Boyd said…
Sure do plan on sharing. You all are my cheerleaders. In working toward my PhD I am running into all sorts of resistance to technology. Technology is not the issue. The real issue is originality and creativity. We can look at a child and see how easily they explore and want to express themselves. BUT almost as soon as they are born they are met with NO and constantly told what not to do. Then when they are teenagers we wonder why they are disconnected.
At 2:20am on August 9, 2010, Hugo D Gunawan I said…
Hello Anne! Thank you. glad to be in the web and glad to meet you...
At 11:09am on August 3, 2010, Lynne M. Williams said…
My bad! At the time, I looked at the wrong time zone for the US but was able to watch it this morning. I learned several new things so thank you. I can't figure out how to make columns in Tweetdecks, so hope I can participate in a future tutorial. I'm writing my dissertation on Web 2.0 in the classroom and am still learning about Web 2.0 myself - I'm a neophyte! I will eventually have an online questionnaire for my research so hope I can keep making connections to get some great responses from teachers worldwide!
At 7:51am on July 17, 2010, Rositsa Mineva said…
Hi, Anne! Glad to share the information.Here some for starting:
How to set up an account on Gogster Edu:
How to work:

Good luck!
At 5:22am on June 25, 2010, Professor Vigliotti said…
I am really excited about all the new technologies in education. I am trying to streamline all the information and tools that are out there and I think this site is really helpful.
Thanks for having me.
At 12:19am on June 16, 2010, Zartaj Waseem said…
Thanks for your message Anne, I sure do look forward to learning a lot here and sharing my experiences too.

C ya around!
At 5:22pm on June 11, 2010, Edie Jett said…
Thanks... I guess I just have difficulty navigating all of these sites.
At 10:36pm on June 10, 2010, Shankar Ganesh said…
Yeah, I first used and then I switched to my own domain after a year because of Blogger's limitations. I'm completely satisfied with WordPress now and I can't imagine switching to another platform.

I'm not that active now, because I think I'm either lazy or my creativity has busted :) but I'm trying.
At 10:34pm on June 10, 2010, Shankar Ganesh said…
Thanks Anne! I'm on vacation through June and I'm interning at Zoho Corp. I'd still love to speak to your class over the internet. May be a 10-20 minute speech :)

Please let me know what you think.
At 10:44am on June 6, 2010, Eva Luptakova said…
Dear Anne!
I hope we will collaborate together.
I am just going to prepare some more detailed info on the eTwinning programme to let you and other colleagues here see/know what it offers - in general as well as through my experience.
It will take me a few days (hours in my free time), so be patient, please. I will try to do my best to introduce it as clearly as possible:)
I'll stay in touch,
At 3:28am on May 27, 2010, Rebecca Anne Bourgeois said…
I know I'm by far not the first to say this, but thank you for your kind and warm welcome. It's nice to feel integrated.
We don't commonly use video conferencing, blogs or other multimedia possibilities, because France is (as usual) lightyears behind in introducing these to schools. My boss, though, is young, ambitious, and forward-thinking, a great combination when it comes to upgrading school techniques. He has turned us into an experimental school, with the agreement of the French Ministry of Education, so in September we'll be among the first to use Moodle and all sorts of other things.
I'd love help, ideas, info, insight... on how to get started.
And yes, it is very beautiful here: 45 mn by car from the sea, an hour's drive from the Pyrenees, lost amid the vineyards, at the foot of a small "mountain" called the Alaric (1000ft ?) . I love it!

At 1:00am on May 20, 2010, Indra said…
Thank you , Anne , for nice words, it is very important for a new-comer to be welcomed warmly :)
At 4:43pm on April 12, 2010, Penny Christensen said…
Thanks Anne.
Within our district we are considering any class with an online component of delivery or assingment completion a blended environment. Personally I see a benefit to defining blended in a stricter sense, 30-80% online and within a common delivery/completion model like a LMS. If teachers work within a stricter definition I see a greater benefit to any PD, common assessments, or just course content sharing.
At 4:01am on April 6, 2010, Suzana Delic said…
Dear Ann thank you for your comment!!! I am really glad to be here! I had till now VCs with France (every month ones), Hong Kong and USA. With schools in USA I used Skype. With France and Hong Kong I used Polycom station.
Maybe we can do some cooperation?:)
Have a nice day!!
At 10:03pm on April 1, 2010, Deborah Batista Marques said…
Yeah, we have. And most of student have a very good hardware at home. Many of them are hooked on internet.
At 12:35pm on March 24, 2010, sevil turkoglu said…
Hello Anne,
Thanks for responding to my post. I'm working in a privite sochool.My kids are 4 year olds. I have a computer with projections in my class. So, I have chance to use tecnology. As far as how to use tecnology in my class, I read dijital stories, prepare some pwerpoint slide shows about our topic.In addition, we make our own songs with our pictures. This make my kids very happy:) Also, we have computer lesson that given by our computer teacher. My kids learn to use mause, to open computer, to play some easy games. I'm a new blogger and I start to make a class blog. You can visit my class blog.My children came between 8am to 15.30pm. They are coming 5 days in a week.
At 3:20pm on March 21, 2010, RIchard John McLaughlin said…
Thanks for responding to my post. My name is Richard though. John is the middle name.
At 2:24pm on March 21, 2010, Donald Townsend said…
Hello Anne, thanks for the kind welcome. I'm certain there is a lot to be found in all those discussions.


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