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At 1:06am on October 13, 2010, Kaylee hutton said…
Hi.. I am new to Elementary School 2.0 and thrilled to have stumbled across it. Excited about the prospects of connecting with other elementary tech teachers around World. Looking forward to sharing ideas and improving my skills as an elementary teacher.
At 3:45am on April 19, 2010, Michael Cunningham said…
The Basics of This Program

There are three aspects to this program that help each school involved.

First, Daily Written Exchanges- NING, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging Exchanges)

This program will provide a study of goals, methods and consequences of net publishing at school. The key question in this research will be to find out what motivates young people to be on-line in the private sphere and in what ways this motivation can be transferred, developed and used in classrooms in Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and the United States. This will be a place for teachers to show their best practices, share information, and students to communicate to other students all over the world.

Sample websites: Virtual Teacher Exchange Reber International School World Class Schools

Second, Virtual Mock Trial and Debate:

This program will provide practical information and problem-solving opportunities for students. The curriculum will survey the legal system including criminal law and procedures as well as individual rights and liberties in the areas of speech, press, assembly, religion and discrimination. Case studies, simulations, mock trials, and guest speakers from the international legal and law enforcement communities are among the class activities. Mock Trial allows high school students to experience the courtroom in a hands-on mode. The mock trials are set up and structured just like a real court, bound by the same rules. This will help students know exactly what role each of the different people in a court (judges, lawyers, witnesses, etc.) have in the justice system. Students in the
program are expected to participate in mock trial competitive activities. We will have four mock trial competitions through out the school year and six debate competitions.

We also need partner schools in Israel for a face to face exchange- contact Mike Cunningham ASAP
At 5:06pm on April 18, 2010, Michael Cunningham said…
Please email-

Look at my website

I'm looking for some high schools in Israel to video conference with- can you help?
At 11:43am on January 21, 2010, Paul Monheimer said…
Hey, looks like great educators always flock to the best sites. Glad we connected here!
At 11:40pm on January 5, 2010, Cesar said…
Thank you very much! I'll look into it. The Online Ed Program at the University where I work is still being developed; I'm proud to be a part of it. We pretend to reach those people who can't attend college because of time limitations or distance. I really want to make a difference, and that's the reason why I'm researching the best ways for them to learn.
At 8:43am on April 23, 2009, Jim Dachos said…
I am the education manager with Glogster EDU. You appear to be an avid proponent of Glogster. We are always interested in feedback from our users to help us as we grow. Thanks so much!
Jim Dachos
Education Manager
Glogster EDU
At 9:21pm on December 27, 2008, Alyshia Olsen said…
Hi Susan,

I'm sending out messages to everyone I know right now, and this classroom20 network is no exception. (I've also sent this out on other Ning networks you may be a part of.) My name is Alyshia Olsen; I am a 20 year old college student from Olin College of Engineering. I am a part of a group of 6 Olin College students (we're in Needham,MA, and engineering students) who has taken a year off to work on an education related project. Since you are in the 'connecting content and technology' groun, I thought you might be interested! Our project is called AlightLearning, and this is our "short" project description:

Under the assumption that within ten years, the landscape of modern education will have fully integrated what we now define as new classroom media: video, online collaboration, open source curriculum and other web tools, we hope to pioneer a web software tool that acts as a platform for this new media, bringing the power of the web and its tools to students, teachers and parents in a secure, comfortable and innovative environment. Our goal is to have our free software at a pilot middle school by April 15th, 2009, continuing to develop and coordinate with our users to create a product that other schools want to pilot and use at their schools, while allowing individual teachers to implement this tool in their own classroom.

Our project, titled Alight Learning, is currently trying to win an idea competition on You can find us at . We would love your support in the form of a vote within the next couple days, but more importantly we'd love your feedback and comments. Our description on Ideablob is short, and even the one above hardly gets at many of the issues we would like to take a stab at solving, but at least it's a start.

Feel free to email me back, check out, anything you like!


Alyshia Olsen
At 4:53pm on November 16, 2008, andrew bendelow said…
Hi, Susan. Thank you so much for responding. I apologize for the delay in responding.
We'd be interested first in finding partners for our sophomores (ages 15-16) who are reading the book, The Whale Rider. As our wiki shows, we do a range of different works, possibly some that will be studied in some distant place and on which our students can collaborate.
Even if we can't find a match for the sophs, i'm confident that someone in our district (K-12, 8,000 students or so) will be able to start the conversation at other levels.
You can write me at and I'll pass along your proposal to those who can leverage it.

Thank you again, Susan,
At 12:58pm on October 30, 2008, Bablingua said…
Dear Susan,

We already have the website of our project finished and we’d like to share it with you.

The goal of Bablingua is to offer good audiovisual materials filmed in Hispanic countries that can help teachers to enrich their classes. In the website there are short videos, long videos, vocabulary cards and a blog with free activities, games and new ideas for the foreign language class.

Please, visit us at :, and let us know your opinion, comments and ideas you have to improve it.

Alvaro and Laura

At 12:46pm on September 6, 2008, Steve O'Connor said…
Any luck with Elgg yet? What is your server set up?

Take care.

At 10:53am on July 24, 2008, Sanjib Kumar Parida said…
Hi Susan,

We are know as SITACT Incorporated and we operate out of Chicago. You can
find more about us at www.sitact.ent. We are into developing virtual
learning environments and course settings so that it becomes easy to set up
an online course for a teacher. A sample of what we do can be seen at . Please use the guest login
and use "frankieuncle" as the guest access code. What you will see in here
is a simple course that describes the software, but this course can be
designed to teach diverse subject matter to students and the Moodle implementation we are doing can be transalated to 36 languages including Isreali. If you feel the kind
of work we are doing will be useful for you, we will be glad to work with
you setting up such virtual courses for collaborative dissemination and consumption of knowledge. Even if you didn't like the work we do, please let us know if we can do anything else for you.

At 9:29pm on April 26, 2008, AaroSco said…
Hello Susan!

I've become a new member not too long ago and am very excited about this site. Needless to say as a new member I know no one. May I kindly invite you as a guest to my site ( Any suggestions or comments you may have on how best to navigate the 2.0 world would be most appreicated.

Also, would you care to share any sayings which are particular to your country on my site? For example, in the US one can say "Waste not, want not" or "Birds of a feather flock together", "A stitch in time saves nine"... and so on.

I'd be most grateful.
Thanks and hope to hear from you.

At 12:26pm on January 13, 2008, Vincent Mespoulet said…
Hi Susan, thanks a lot for your message, i'll try what you suggest me. I'm very happy ton find on YouTube Update 2004 of Promises. I'll put the two videos on my Ning. It's great to see how children become adult, even if the global message is pessimistic in the current situation between Israelians and Palestinians. Have a nice day !
At 11:12am on January 13, 2008, Vincent Mespoulet said…
Good evening

I'm French and i teach history and geography in a middle school.

I'm writing you because i wondered if you are interested by a distant collaboration with my students about education to peace. Maybe you know that french people doesn't know very well the israelo-palestinian conflict, and you know that resurgence of forms of antisemitism in France since Second Intifada worried jewish community... This is the reason why, probably, the french national organization "School to the Cinema", schedules this year the documentary film "Promises". Unfortunately, this wonderful movie was before Intifada, so i need to give us infos about the current situation for Israelians and Palestinians ... And the best way is to join children from Israel and Palestine; like in the movie...

Vincent Mespoulet
Schools Beyond the Walls
At 6:38am on January 13, 2008, kolson said…
Glad I could share something useful with the experts around here!
At 9:31pm on December 12, 2007, Craig Scribner said…
Toda for leaving a voicethread on the Christmas Around the World Voicethread. If you know of anyone else who would like to comment, please send it on. We would love to hear from someone on every continent, so let everyone know about it. I would still like to collaborate on a project, just let me know if you have any ideas. Maybe we can share some of the symbols of our community, state and country, and your students could do the same. Maybe even do a sharing project with voicethread and Skype. Just let me know what will work for you. Happy Hannakuh! Craig
At 4:40pm on December 6, 2007, Amber Coggin said…
Hi Susan,

Sorry about that. I thought of more I wanted to say but didn't have time to type it out at the moment, so I deleted it. I'm interested in possibly participating in your VoiceThread and signed up last night, but I'm not sure I can make it happen in such a short amount of time. I just started my job today, and I don't even know if we have microphones! I think it is an awesome project, so I will let you know if I can swing it!

At 4:36pm on December 4, 2007, Barry Bakin said…
Hi Susan,
I was just browsing around classroom 2.0 and found your page. I use Dvolver (formerly dfilm) with my students but didn't realize you could embed the completed movies into a webpage. Is that something new or do you have a little trick you can share.

By the way Happy Hannukah!
At 6:34am on November 4, 2007, Amber Coggin said…
Hi Susan,

I am new to Classroom 2.0 and Web 2.0 tools. I am a whiz on the computer so I hope to pick it up pretty quickly. I am so excited about this wonderful resource I’ve found here. I’m writing you because I was just hired as a computer lab teacher for grades K-5. I am so excited about my new position. I’ll start in December. I was hoping you could give me some tips. Do you have each grade level complete the same activity each week? Such as one plan for K, one for 1st, etc.? How do you organize in order to keep up with which class has completed which activity, how far they are along, etc.? I would love to hear your way of doing things if you don’t mind sharing!

If you’d rather email me that would be great!

At 8:27pm on October 23, 2007, Craig Scribner said…
Let's do a collaborative "travel buddy" project with a stuffed animal. We will get a small stuffed animal to send your students. We will include pictures with our animal of daily events in Kansas, as well as something edible from Kansas, and other interesting items we can find. If you do the same with your kids, maybe we can create a voicethread to share what our students think of the project. What do you think? Let me know if you think this is something that is possible. Thanks!


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