This next semester, I have the opportunity to have a 1 to 1 laptop classroom. It is only for 1 class period, as I am trying to encourage the purchase of more laptops to our school by showing their benefit.

I am looking for online programs & downloadable programs that would be advantageous in a classroom with all students on laptops at all times. One of my goals is to eliminate as much paper usage in the classroom as possible.

Some programs that I am already aware of to implement:
1. Voicethread for uploading my PowerPoints & other video needs (along with Google video)
2. Angel- an online classroom site with the ability to upload most things, discussion, assessment, etc.
3. Adobe Acrobat Pro- to have interactive worksheets for students to fill out and send to me electronically
4. And I know of a variety of other sites mentioned in other posts that can be used for specific assignments such as Wordle

I am appreciative of any help that can be offered. The possibilities are really exciting to me!

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1-1 computers, how lucky!

Using wikis for collaboration is much easier when there are plenty of computers to go around. Students can brainstorm (mindmeister), research, collaborate (Google Docs) and publish work, all using free online sites. With a wiki you can also keep track of what the kids are up to. Students can also upload podcasts (after researching, writing, rehearsing and recording, all on computer) to wikis and blogs. I sometimes got my kids to find other school blogs and establish links with them through comments or posts - they learned a lot from kids they'd never even met.
There are links to many online learning sites here:

I'm looking forward to seeing what others come up with for you too!
The link keeps taking me to a site that has just a little map.
Oh. I just checked it again and it's working for me. Maybe try the homepage and go to the Learning Links page from there?

Sites on there include Copacabana sites, Bomomo, UEN, National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, and a couple of others. Also on the TeacherTools page there are some other links.
We just got back from Christmas break, and I just launched our class blog. I was fortunate enough to make a connection with a class in New Zealand. This has gotten my eighth grade class so fired up about blogging. It holds the students accountable for their writing, while allowing the students to find their voice. The more links you can make with other classes, the better. Our class blog has just started, but here it is.

It's called the Spider's Web. It's named after Anansi from African folk stories.

I think this would be the way to go with 1 to 1 laptop access.

I wish I had this chance. I was just in our computer lab today. Many of our computers are out of service. We were short one computer. I was lucky a student was absent. I had a student blogging and commenting on my own laptop.
The first thing I'll be using when/if my students ever get lab access is or as story-telling devices.
What grades do you teach?
I teach a World History class for High School. I suppose it would have made sense to add that to my info.
No big deal man. I have several elementary resources, but nothing for high school. Sorry
Could you list some of the resources you use? It could maybe get my brain a goin' or I could adapt them.
I just have one small comment: why Acrobat Pro? I hope you have more uses for the students for it than what you mention. Even with educational license prices, it's an extremely powerful piece of software (and expensive) to be used only for worksheets.

I work in the IT department of a school, so I'm keenly aware of licensing costs. I like the software to be used to the fullest possible, and this doesn't sound like it.

Why not go for something like OpenOffice, and let them fill it out in existing ODF documents?
Or even better, you could maybe create a form in Google Docs that they can fill online?

If you want to generate PDF files, install PDFCreator (a virtual PDF printer, can do a lot of things). OpenOffice can also generate PDF from documents, and I think it can even create forms. Foxit PDF Reader can fill in forms, if I remember correctly.

Schools usually have a tight budget. I believe teachers should try to take into account the licensing costs when choosing their tools. I don't mean it as the main criteria to choose, but definitely should be "in the picture". Maybe getting rid of Acrobat Pro for all the laptops will decrease the cost substantially, and make it easier to sell at a bigger scale. Or the laptops might get some hardware upgrade that would improve the user experience across the board.

I would definitely ask for a whole bunch of free software to be installed on those laptops: Jing, Inkscape, GIMP, LMMS (for music production, very under-appreciated program!), Audacity, FreeMind (for mind-mapping), OpenOffice... It's all free, and better get it in there in case you need it later.
Thanks for the additional Open Source info. I have OpenOffice on all my personal computers. I have also started installing on teachers computers as well. This is a great piece of software. I have one student who used this software for her science fair project. She loved it. Due to budget constraints, I am always on the look out for open source.
You're welcome. I think OpenOffice is very important for all schools to have, as it is fully cross-platform. I see more and more teachers and students choosing Mac for their own computers. Having OpenOffice makes sure everyone can work on their own systems, without compatibility issues.

And for the more ethical reasons: makes sure you are not pushing your students and their families to copy software illegally. I believe schools should strive for open source as much as possible even if it was for this reason alone. We should be an example to society, shouldn't we?

Kara, do you know about Phun?
Free for non commercial use, but not open source. So, that means it's free for educational use.



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