Here is a fantastic list of YouTube channels for teachers, including university lecture series’, and online lessons. Has your institution implemented similar videos for students to learn outside the classroom? If so, how have they changed the learning experience?

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We have been developing educational videos for teachers. We won a grant to develop a series of free resources for teachers to help them learn how to teach online more effectively, and we've just released the first batch of episodes. We are pretty happy with them but part of what comes next is trying to determine if they are having any impact on the teachers who watch them. Not quite sure how we will capture information from such a diverse and geographically dispersed group. I'd like to hear what people think about it.

If you want to check them out you can do so here:

Hopefully if we get some feedback I'll be able to answer your question! I can say that our faculty's demand for video material has skyrocketed in the past year.
That’s wonderful, Simon. What an engaging way to train teachers! The videos look excellent, and I look forward to hearing of the feedback you receive from the teachers using them. Online teaching is quite different from in-person teaching, so I am certain instructors are finding these videos to be very helpful.

It’s also great to hear that the College of Fine Arts is having an increased demand for video material; it must be proving to be an effective teaching tool for such a spike to occur. Thank you for your response!
Thanks Diana, We have some good feedback so far, and one private college and one university have let me know they are embedding our videos into their own staff professional development programs (which is fantastic to know they will be of use).
My Society and Social Issues teacher, as well as my technology teacher, try to implement videos that go along with the lesson we're learning about. In my opinion and from personal experience, it enhances the learning experience. Videos give you visuals that you can use to connect to other pieces of information/research. They're also more interactive and they provide a better understanding of the material.
I’m happy to hear that you are finding video to be such an effective way to learn. I, personally, have always found it to be more engaging than a standard lecture or presentation as well. Thank you for your feedback!
Thanks for the resource...great list!

You’re welcome Mark. I am so happy to see that educators are finding this list as useful as I have.
Thanks alot, Diana.
I’m so happy this resource is helpful for you. Thank you for connecting.



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