I would like to know who out there has used Linux OS and Open Source software in the classroom. What kinds of professional development and support have you found to be useful for the success of the program?

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I do; open source in the classroom.

It depends on what you want to do with the software? Teach programming, word processing or writing?

For word processing I use openoffice, programming I use FreeBSD, and g++, but open source is awesome and it works.

I have 3 classroom computers running Edubuntu. Super! Kids love it.
Thanks, Ron,
We have 170 high schools running Linux in Indiana, and it seems to be working quite well. I don't think any are using Edubuntu though. Most are running some version of SLED, or Ubuntu, a few wirh Red Hat. The hardest part for most of the schools has been from the tech people who are used to Linux. Once they get it set up, it runs great, and there's just so much good, open source software out there. You're right about the kids; they seem to adapt quickly, especially to Open Office.



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