In flipped classrooms, students watch lectures and supplemental materials for their classes at home. How do you implement these practices in your school, and how do you think they affect students’ learning?

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This post has really astonished me. Just looking back on how technology has improved till then.

I think those are great ideas to reinforce learning. They are also great tools to encourage students to use their mobile devices to extend their learning. The only concern I have is that we still have students with no access to computers, Internet or cell phones. So some of this activities are not always accessible to all.

Hi Zindy, I am new to this forum. In my masters course called Collaborative Inquiry we were exploring different collaboration tools that teachers can use to encourage collaboration with students and build a knowledge community. Some ideas that were garnered are Scribblar, Weebly, Facebook and blogs. Technology is a real issue in my school district. I would love to use it more but some students don't have this available at home. There are also students that abuse the use of technology. The other challenge I find is teachers understanding and knowing how to use the different technologies available. I was wondering what your thoughts on this were?


Hi Ryan, I am also new to this forum. I understand your struggle. My school just allowed BYOD last year and that has created some concerns with students that abuse it like you mentioned. I think it is important that we teach students how to use the Internet sites safely and teach them to be responsible technology users. We can't keep them away from something that is around them so they need about digital citizenship. About the teachers I think they also need training and that is where resources like the SAMR and the TPAC models play important roles. I think it is important for teachers to move away from using technology for just simple task and more towards encouraging critical thinking skills in learners.

Hi Zindy, I would be interested in learning more about SAMR and TPAC models. What exactly does that involve? I agree that using technology just for research has a purpose and objectives but to use technology for problem solving involving critical thinking is challenging indeed. Teacher training is key and I wish our district provided this for us. In my Collaborative Inquiry course as a group we are exploring the problems with technology and possible solutions. Any thoughts on this?


Hi Ryan, below are some great websites I have used. I think the links will offer some problems and possible solutions. Hope it helps.



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