I am looking for a teacher rubric/assessment based on ISTE's 2008 NETS-T standards. I am hoping I do not have to reinvent the wheel. Are there any resources you are aware of? I have scavenged the web and have turned up somewhat empty. Any resource - no matter how big or small - would be MUCH appreciated!


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Looking for evaluation rubrics based on the 2008 NETS-T standards as well . . . Did you ever hear back, find, or create anything?

Chris Thinnes
Head of Upper Elementary School
Curtis School
Unfortunately no.
Here's an older one but could be a template for plugging in newer standards. I think this book has the new rubrics. N.
This is pretty good - thanks for sharing!
Just got the book, and yes: it has the rubrics. Thanks! CT
CT, Good, glad you found what you were looking for. N.
Does anyone have the actual rubric files they could share?
hi, I was also searching for the updated rubric - since someone found it in the book, and since apparently we don't all have the book (I have an older version) - could someone be so kind as to create a soft copy and post it here? Or if there is one out there, could someone point us towards it? Thanks!!!
Learning.com just released the Wayfind Teacher Assessment that measures teachers' grasp of the NETS-T standards:

Thanks, Diana - looking for something similar that is current and FREE - so far I've come up with nothing. Anyone else?

Here is a link to an assessment document for NETS-A. Perhaps creating a similar one for NETS-T could work.
I like this! Thanks for sharing!



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