Go to the simple truths web page and click 212. Let me know your thoughts...

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If all of us - teachers, administrators, support staff, students, and parents - stepped it up one degree what a difference we could make.
Very inspirational...compelling. I think it is clever to contrast hot water at 211 to boiling water at 212. That example is easy for us to see how one more degree makes a difference. Perhaps in life, we sometimes lose sight of goals when that extra bit of effort would make a big difference. People that compete in sports or academia, or work to get a better job or pay are going to strive to meet their expectations. That is because they know what they want. 212 degrees attitude makes us reflect on our purpose in life. I personally love the drive, energy and creativity that I experience doing my job. After seeing that video, I want to push even more!
When you're running a race and you think you've spent your last ounce of energy, you can dig deeper and get more and go further and faster than you ever knew. 212 degrees reminds us that we have more resources than we realize and tapping into that can make all the difference. Great analogies; motivating.
Very motivating! I always remind my students about making good choices and responsibility in school and at home. They need to take ownership and leadership in their decision making. By doing this I hope it makes them stop and think about their actions, therefore perhaps taking them to the next level; 212 degrees.
On a personal note, I forwarded the video to my sons. Hopefully, they will take their future to the next level:)



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