Our school is preparing for a reaccreditation visit. My group is looking for a 21st Century skills assessment that can be used to collect baseline data. We need your help. Any ideas, sites or downloads would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

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By 21st Century skills you are referring to assessments that quantitively and qualitively measure use of critical thinking, collaboration, motivation, metacognition and embedded use of instructional technology as well as measures of core academic mastery. That sort of evaluation process suggests a matrix approach to assessment and not one that relies on a single data point of GPA, attendance, or college acceptance etc. In others words, not only has there been a need to infuse greater complexity and substance into the curriculum, there's a need to identify assessment tools that appropriately measure those too.

My suggestion is to begin by reviewing work being done by Marzano and Kendall on educational objectives (2007) Corwin Press. It is a detailed taxonomy that defines learning objectives and assessments with the complexity you are seeking. It builds on Bloom's taxonomy and also explains the impact of student motivation and metacognition on student performance. It even discusses teacher epistomology and why a teacher's conception of how knowledge is constructed greatly influences how programs are written and what is being taught.

My second piece of advice is to look at one of my favorite rubrics that measure this sort of "thinking-skills curriculum". It is the SOLO rubric and stands for structure, observed, learning, outcomes. It was developed by Biggs at the Univerisity of Queensland, Auckland. http://www.tedi.uq.edu.au/downloads/biggs_solo.pdf

For a quick look:http://www.learningandteaching.info/learning/solo.htm

ATHERTON J S (2009) Learning and Teaching; SOLO taxonomy [On-line] UK: Accessed: 14 January 2010




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