3D virtual world manipulatives for your classroom interactive whiteboard

The first three model packages are complete and ready for download with many more to come over the next few months as we prepare for the official Beta release of Edusim.

Introductory Pack:
The package is here

Thumbnails of each model in the package are here:

Dinosaurs Pack:
The package is here

Thumbnails of each model in the package are here:

Air and Space:
The package is here

Thumbnails of each model in the package are here:


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This looks very cool and I can't wait to play around with it. I'm shocked it has taken this long for 3d model sims to start coming to the educational market. I've been able to go to Rome on my Xbox for over 5 years now and just finally now on Google Earth. I'm very interested in following the progress of Edusim. It looks very promising.
awesome .. Ill have a few more packs over the next few days!
Can I use this on any board?
Yes .. it works on any IWB ... as well as the laptop or desktop.
Here are the boards/hardware it has been tested on - Win/Mac/Linux Laptops, Desktops, Smartboard, Activeboard, Interwriter, Polyvision, Mimio, eBeam, and even the Wiimote Whiteboard.
The package is here

Thumbnails of each model in the package are here:

The package is here

Thumbnails of each model in the package are here:
Cool, Rich! Thanks for sharing this.
Hi - I downloaded all of these but how do I get them to "work"? Thanks. Lisa
Did you unzip them and load them into Edusim (latest version is here: http://edusim.ning.com )

More about Edusim is here: http://edusim3d.com
OK yes I did, but then I clicked on cobalt.bat and the screen launched, but when I clicked on the button, nothing happened. Windows XP here...thanks!
..... Are you using the latest version Lisa - Alpha 11 by chance? .... If this is an older machine & an NVIDIA video drivers there is a potential problem if the "Threaded Optimization" setting is turned on. The solution is to adjust the driver settings & to turn this off under your video driver settings.



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