4th Grade Talented and Gifted Students looking for online collaboration

I have 16 4th grade talented and gifted students who want to collaborate online. I am open to any project in any subject. I am also open to any type of online communication methods as well. I have a ning created so we could use that or Google Docs, wiki, blog, etc. I would like for the students to work on making a podcast or video as well. Please email at aarmau@gmail.com or amaurer@bettendorf.k12.ia.us if interested. I can start anytime.

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Hi, Aaron,

I have a Ph.D. in gifted and talented...taught every grade from K-8 and am now an assistant professor at Western Connecticut State University.

Might you be interested in chatting about some ideas for your class?

Nancy Heilbronner
Sure. I will give you a heads up that I am in my first year in gifted education after spending the last 5 years teaching 6th grade social studies, computer, and literature.
Hey Aaron, we are doing a fun video conference project for the second year with a gifted ed class in New Jersey. (We are in KC metro) It's called the Pringle Project. Kids invent packaging for one Pringle chip and mail it a kiddo in the other class, we then open the packages in a video conference. The kids love it, read more about it here.

We also have a class blog. The primary bloggers are 5-8th graders, but the fourth graders will start soon.
Awesome! What a great idea. I will talk with my students about doing this and then maybe seek out online another class to exchange with. Thanks for sharing. I have been to your blog before and it is amazing. I have a blog, but it is not set up for each student to have a blog. Thanks for posting and look forward to learning more.


Aaron, We did our blog with Drupal. The learning curve is higher but the results are the best! I've seen very few classroom blogs where the student has his own blog (and is easy to navigate).
Hi Aaron,
You may be interested in taking part in our Global Classroom Project "Our Place, Our Space". Have a look at the wiki and see what you think. Wiki: http://ourplaceourspace.wikispaces.com/
Graeme Bennett
This is very well designed. I will also throw this idea at my students to see what they think about it. I think it would be very cool for us to communicate about your pictures and have my students create their own for you communicate back. Thanks for sharing. I will see the students today and see what they think and get back to you.
Nancy, how did you find another class to work with? Did you post here or on another website?
Go to http://giftededucation.ning.com and post a 'shout out". See if that works. I might be able to get another gifted Center in our district to work with you. How many kids would be involved? N
I have 16 gifted students in my 4th grade class. I am willing to work with as many or little students available. My kids are excited to work online with other students. They have never done anything like this before. I will check out that ning. Thanks for your help.



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