Last week, we shared 5 of our favorite classroom management apps, but like you, we’re always looking to find the best possible tools we can—and why wouldn’t we, especially when there are so many free resources at our fingertips? If you’re looking to reduce your paper trail, keep parents in the loop and find more efficient ways to manage your students’ behavior, we’ve got 5 more apps you might want to add to your classroom management arsenal.

5 More Indispensable Classroom Management Apps

classroom management apps1Three Ring
Want to ditch the notebooks and archaic filing system once and for all? Want to capture Jimmy’s first presentation or Greg’s behavioral, ahem, challenges so you can better articulate yourself during parent-teacher conferences? Now you can.

Simply snap a photo or record a video or audio clip and file away.  And if you are so inclined, email your “classroom artifact” to students and parents so that they can stay up to date and even comment on their file. 

Smart Seatclassroom management apps2
This app’s simple drag-and-drop feature allows you to create random or customizable seating charts. But there’s more: Smart Seat gives you the ability to record and export attendance, choose random students for class participation, jot down student notes, and store student photos all in one place.

Taking a day off? Generate a PDF version or email your seating charts (with photos) to the substitute teacher. If that wasn’t enough, Smart Seat even has a built-in "flashcard" feature that allows you to upload pictures of your students so that you can quickly learn their names.

classroom management apps3Remind 101
We know how important it is to nurture relationships with parents and keep them involved, but how do we do it? Remind 101 is a website that provides teachers with a secure way to text or email students and parents with updates and reminders. Here’s how it works:

Teachers set up classes on the Remind 101 site which generates a unique code they can share with students and parents. Once students or parents send a text message with the code, they become “subscribers.” If you have concerns about sharing your personal phone number, rest easy. Teachers will never be able to see their students’ phone numbers and students will never be able to see theirs’ either.  

Stick PickIf you’ve ever had a student protest that you’ve called onclassroom management apps4.jpg him or her too many times or favor so and so, take yourself out of the equation and blame it on Stick Pick. Shake your phone or tap the screen to pick a student.

That’s not all. Stick Pick even offers a variety of question starters (based on Bloom’s taxonomy)and records how well students respond during classroom discussions. Let’s say that Jenny consistently scores high on the questions; simply change the difficulty of the questions to ensure that she stays challenged and engaged. 

macgyverTeacher Kit
It’s no stretch to say that teachers are a lot like Macgyver: They’ve got to work with what they’ve got and often improvise on the fly. But what would Macgyver be without his trusty Swiss Army knife? Teacher Kit is the self-proclaimed “Swiss Army knife” of apps that will help you organize, monitor your students’ behavior, and keep track of grades. Here’s a video tutorial that will walk you through every nook and cranny of the app. (Mullet not included).


If you're like us, you're constantly on the lookout for new ways to enhance your curriculum and better manage your classroom. That's why we're suggesting that you check out one of our recent blogs, 5 Classroom Management Apps Every Teachers Needs to Know About or download our FREE guide, Surfing for Substance: 50 No-Nonsense, No-Fluff Websites and Apps f...


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I read this blog, and many times I think, which one is better, the best, good or worst, depends on the users, and also the location in which the services are provided.

I would like to recommend myly fees management app, as one more to manage the classroom in easy manner.

I found this article very informative. With these apps if a student take the services of a tutor then he will get the more benefit of it .

I have worked with few of these apps and they are really amazing!!

Karen, could you suggest any alternatives to Remind 101, please? I don't really like its interface. Maybe you have tested something else? Thanks in advance.

Let me introduce you to my favorite classroom management tools: 

  • Unplag - an online plagiarism checker
  • Google Classroom - great for communication with kids
  • ClassDojo - handy for building a strong classroom community

I hope to see them in your upcoming list of tools :-) Thanks.



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