news sites for k-12 studentsYears later, I still look back fondly on Friday afternoons in my seventh grade U.S History class. Not only was it the last class of the day, it was also what our teacher called “Current-Events Friday.” This meant that each student was responsible for selecting three articles from the newspaper, summarizing them and then sharing one article with the class. This event was certainly a nice break from the usual routine, but also we learned a lot about what was going on in the world. “Current-Events Friday” also forced us to get comfortable with the art of summarizing and speaking in front of the class. 

5 of the Best News Sites for K-12 Students

news sites for k-12 studentsEvery day, the folks over at Tween Tribune  scour the Internet for engaging news stories suitable for K-12 students. If you sign up for a free account, you can assign Tween Tribute quizzes related to the content your students are reading. An added bonus: the results of the quizzes will be sent directly to your email account.

news sites for k-12 studentsDogo News curates a wide variety of content. Not only will you find news, you’ll also find an impressive collection of links to student-friendly websites, interactive maps, avatar generators, book and film reviews, and other resources for teachers.

news sites for k-12 studentsHere There Everywhere is, hands-down, one of my favorite Paul McCartney songs, but it’s also an awesome news site for elementary-and-older students.


news sites for k-12 studentsNational Geographic Kids is so much more than a news site. Indeed, you’ll find a fine selection of news articles, but there’s also a hefty collection of educational games, videos, creature features, photos, and geographic presentations.

news sites for k-12 studentsChannel One is a Peabody and Telly award-winning news program that broadcasts to nearly 5 million young people across the country. Their daily broadcasts and supplementary educational materials are aligned to Common Core State Standards, which makes it that much easier to bring current events into the classroom.

If you subscribe to their free newsletter, you’ll receive:

  • An outline of the topics featured in Channel One’s news programming
  • Daily discussion prompts
  • Assessment questions
  • Age-appropriate vocabulary words
  • A complete transcript of the show
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