Hey there everyone! I am the instructional technology specialist at a 5th/6th grade campus in Houston, Texas. We are looking for other 5th/6th grade classes that we can collaborate with through video conferencing, wikis, or blogs on all content areas. If you are interested in planning a project then please let me know!!!

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Terrific! Look forward to hearing back from you.

Being as small as we are and all in one space where learning can be individualized, we have a great deal of flexibility in what kind of projects we do. We do know we are going to be creating a scale model of a working city -- our whiole school -- so exchanging some information about different places where people live, government, entertainment, etc. might be one option. A number of us are going to be involved somewhat around this topic through flat classroom. If you are interested do the Global Collaboration under the Primary School group -- you will have to join,

Talk to you soon and we can plan further. We are new to Web 2.0 tools, but plan to learn with the kids as we go.
Are you all set or can I still join in with a 6th grade group?
Yes that would be great. We have 22 6th grade classes in our building. (We are just a 5th/6th grade campus with over 1000 students). Any subject you are interested in more than others?
I am a technology integration specialist in a K-5 school in SC. I will be working closely with a team of 5th grade teachers, and I would love to get them involved in a collaborative project!
Super! I have 25 5th grade classes in my building so we can come up with a class for sure. I will get back to you once I have talked to my teachers to see who is interested. Any subject you are looking for more than others?
Hi! I'm a year 6 (5th grade) teacher in a British school in Seoul, Korea. My students here are pretty techy! We'd love to be involved, especially if it ties in curriculum content too! Hopefully we study relatively similar things!
WOW great!! We would love to work with you. We have classes in all content areas so lets chat so I am sure we can come up with something that we can work on together. I will talk to my teachers on Wednesday and let you know who is interested and then we can go from there.
You certainly are getting a wide rang of positive responses. I'm a little confused right now. Are we try just to find a partner class or are we trying to have a wider collaboration around a common topic that could include kids from all over? I'm more interested in a global collaboration.
I am a technology specialist at a 5th/6th grade campus. I have 25 5th grade teachers and 22 6th grade teachers. I have classes of all GT students and regular education classes. My original idea was to get a few partner classes with some of my classes. I had NO IDEA that I would get this many responses. A global collaboration is a great idea if I can come up with a central topic that everyone is interested in. I still want to just do some class to class collaborations.
Hi there,

I teach a year 5 class and we would be very interested in collaborating with you through video conferencing and wikis.
We're interested. We can use video conferencing if you mean web chat, and will learn to use wikis We don't strat school until the 14th. Give us an idea how to start.
That is super!! I am sure I can find a teacher to work with you. My teachers get back on Tuesday and my first meeting with them is on Wednesday. I am hoping to know more then.



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