One of the teachers I work with is working on her Master's in Literacy. She is using our district Student Community to have her students submit their writing. The Student Community is a blog/podcasting site that is housed on our district server.

The biggest problem is getting the word out that anyone can comment on student work. To that end we are asking if any of you would like to take a minute or two and view some student writing and make comments. It's amazing how motivating a comment can be for a student. The community is set up so that all comments are private until the teacher clears them to be public. This is for student safety. The actual student writing goes through the same process.
If you have students who would like to read and comment on the community, feel free to have them do that also. We do ask that somewhere in your comment you identify yourself in a general way (teacher in North Dakota) so the students have some idea as to where the comments are coming from.
There are several pages of posts, so you can always hit the 'back' button at the bottom of the page to see more.
Thanks for all your help on this. Here's a link to the Student Community:

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