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A lot different from how I experienced it, and certainly different than how it is introduced today in classrooms! We now watch educational documentaries ( Memorize the school house rock song "The Preamble") and use proper note taking skills, along with cross-word puzzles and fill in the blank worksheets. Just a little history humor!
Intriguing. As a Canadian I can't even dream that I'd actually attempt to have my students memorize parts of the Canadian constitution. I guess that's a cultural difference.
We have our fifth graders memorize the Preamble. The kids use Schoolhouse Rock. They have to recite it as a speech. It is fun to watch them try to not sing it. It has become part of our shared school culture since former students can still remember it and will often join in to sing along if they hear it.
That was great and perfect students are given an opportunity today to recite the Preamble for bonus points on tomorrow's test. I also show the the School House Rock video and let them sing it for extra bonus points. This year though something really cool happened...a number of students asked if they could sing to something other than the school house rock theme...three girls did a "row,row,row your boat" version AND two other girls created a "rap" was awesome!
How did you do this? Did you give them the option of doing the a different version?



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