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How precious you are. I have been watching you in my garden since I first saw you, neck outstretched with beak opened to the Mexican sun. Now it seems you are ready to fly... teetering on the edge of your nest looking toward the sky. How did you come so far, in so little time it seems?

You really alarmed me little colibrí when your mother did not return to her nest to warm you during the chill of night. I didn't know what to do. I knew it was too late for her to return, much too dark to fly in the blackness of night. And, I had already stepped in once when your nest and you and your sibling fell to the ground. But now what to do? What do you drink and eat? Do I need to cover you at night? The season is unusually cold. Will you survive without your mom? It has now been several days, and she no longer returns at night to protect you. Did she abandon you, little hummingbird, because I had touched you and your nest? Was my well-intentioned intervention wrong? Did I do harm? I didn't want to. I only wanted you to fly, to live. >> continue reading

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