This is my first goes.

I am trying to encourage art teachers in the UK to share student's work via a collaborative area. The easiest way to do this is to take an image on a phone or PDA and then email it to an address that automatically uploads it to the shared area. It is early days but it seems to be a useful discussion point.

Your views would be interesting to me....Thanks...Richard

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Hello UK!
I´m art teacher from Finland and I have beeb useing Flickr to study photgraph about half year now. It´s very useful area to share artworks and collaborate. I have started groups for each classes and every student have their own agount too. They are sending their photos too the group they belong to.

If You are interested in You can take a look and offcourse language is finish : )

I´m puplishing every new lessons there also at discussion area. Flickr is wonderfull place to work with so many talented photographers! And it's so easy place to keep those photos to save for later use examble for a School Calender or school home page.

I hope You are going to have many teachers collaborate with You!

Greetings from snowy Finland!
Thanks for your reply...It would be great if we could work on a combined project linking the UK and Finland.

Student's work could be shared using Flickr based on a common theme/stimulus

I have started to upload images from my Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) via works brilliantly

If there are others out there keen to be involved in a 'collaborative' international project that would b great

It would be nice to have some theme together linking UK and Finland! I have now a group where is pupils 15-16 year old. Maybe we can have a group together, where we can send photos. I wonder if you have some theme in your mind already? : ) But lets think about this! And offgourse it would be nice to have some other countries with us also.

I had some plans for eTwinning collaborating with Liethua and Sweden but I havent heard anything about them yet. But now I think that Flickr could be more open way to share artworks and photos.

I havent been uploaded photos from phone or email either to Flickr (but to Ning YES)....I have to try to Flickr also. I dont know anything about PDA. Is it some ind of open space or....tell me more.

t. Mallus
Two fun flickr art-related ideas
hot spots
groups on a theme Bears with Ill-Fitting Hats
Thanks Nancy, you have really helped me because I now realise you can add notes to other peoples images if you are logged in, This really encourages dialogue.

richard (UK)
Do you have access to Moodle? I've got an idea that I haven't tried yet. You can set up a Glossary with "famous" paintings, photos, statues, etc and the kids can comment. Flickr is blocked by my district so I can't use that.
Hi Nancy, good to hear from you. It would be great if we colaborate on your moodle idea...I guess a wiki could also be used for this.

All the best

The problem with the wiki or blog for doing this type of project is you need the ability to have threaded discussions---so people can comment on the picture and also comment on the other commenters. Here's a screen shot of what the glossary looks like, you can see at the bottom that you can add an entry---I can give you a guest login but the guest login does not include the tabs under the picture.



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