Day 2 of 3 at eTech Ohio in C-bus. This is my first conference since college, but then again that was only 3 years ago. I have seen some great presentations and some not so great. Regardless, for a district that feels it's behind when it comes to tech...I think we are ahead of most that are presenting here. How do you feel about your districts tech? What cool/innovative tools or equipment are you using?

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Gosh, Seiler, you get to do all the cool stuff! :) (But I don't envy all the days of school that you're missing, especially since we'll be out Monday and Tuesday, too)

I'm interested, too, to see how we compare. I love my tablet, I love what I can do with it, and I love seeing what else I can do with it!

Luckily I have a good sub (Kim Anderson) and was able to jing all my lessons. Now how well...or if it worked is yet to be seen.
Actually, I am interested in creating a grant for a classroom set of Tablet PC's. Are you using those? If so, how did your school go about getting these? If you are using them, what are some of the benefits that you have found? Drawbacks?


I work in the same district as Michael Seiler and am leading our tablet project. You can find more here:



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