I need research to squelch the naysayers who keep saying that it's all just a fad!

I keep hearing from my colleagues that unless there is proof that the technology works, they are not interested in using it. I know that this is a group of innovators. What's out there that might convince the other educators?

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Thank you for these links! These links will be helpful!
With Web 2.0 tools all being so new for the classroom, there might not be a lot of research out there to site. If we all wait for the research, there will be no innovation.
Maybe address it from the fact of what some of the tools can do for a student, like give them an authentic audience, and a voice to be heard where they work harder to produce a higher quality product. The opportunity to communicate with others in a different state, country, culture.
And feedback from that authentic audience motivates and builds self esteem. And through this student achievement.
Did we know that the overhead projector would improve student achievement? Do we know that it has improved it now? It's a tool in the classroom to facilitate learning. So are Web 2.0 tools.
I'll stop off the soapbox now.
I think you've hit on an important point. The research for brand new tools will never exist until we make it happen. But finding similar research based on similarities in student use and outcomes is not impossible.

It's important that we don't lump Web 2.0 tools in with anything that happens to plug in. There's no way to justify it that way.



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