Hello fellow educators, part of my project for the Web 2.0 course is creating a new elective, and I had an idea. Since my personal interest is business, I wanted to create a class that shows how a company works in a Spanish speaking country (Spanish being the only foreign language being taught at my school).

Anyone have any suggestions for what the class would entail? I'd got a vague idea for a lesson plan, but besides making it a blackboard esque class, I'm a bit lost.

Will welcome any ideas. Thanks for reading


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Why not ask students to contact Spanish speaking people who work at businesses and ask them specific questions to ascertain how businesses work? Perhaps students could even put together skype casts with more than one Spanish business person. It could be a forum. (One question that I can't help but asking is do Spanish speaking businesses really run differently than English speaking businesses? Or, is a business a business?)
Ah, good point; I knew I bought a microphone for a reason.

And on the second question, I guess I'll find that out. I assume a big portion of marketing and targeting demographics would be different, but it's possible they operate similarly to an American business.

Thanks for the reply



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