In one of our Classroom 2.0 LIVE Conversations this week we had a great idea for gathering advice and tips for using specific Web 2.0 programs in education: to create a VoiceThread with each program as a slide page. Folks can then come in and add their comments by voice or audio, making a great resource for others.

So, I've tried to gather the widely-used programs into a VoiceThread, which is embedded below and is also available at

1) If you use a program that is *not* in the VT, please comment here so I can add it.

2) If you think the VT would be better ordered just alphabetically, instead of by type of program, please also comment about this.

3) If this project actually works (smile), then I'll add the VT to the main page of CR 2.0!

4) You can also embed this VT in your blog or site. Go to, click on the "cogwheel" icon at the top left, and you'll see an "embed" option which gives you different code options to do this.

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Hi Steve, it sounds great, and very easy to use... I'll try to use it in my ning for a specific project. Have you any idea or example of teachers using it with students ?
Have a nice day, Vincent
I think VoiceThread has some great examples posted at their site. I haven't searched for them, but Jane Krauss showed one or two at our workshop in SF that were really, really fun.
It's just a first try, below... Have you got the Pro version ?

Yes, I brought the pro version to be able to put in all the slides. I love VT, so I didn't hesitate to pay them. Your VT worked quite well!
Thank you, i have good ideas to use it in my classroom !!! I think i'll take also the pro version...
This is a good idea.
My one complaint is that I wish VoiceThread had a hyperlink title page.
A VT like this, while a wealth of possibilities, is also difficult to navigate.
I'll be adding some thoughts to the resource later.
Yes, that's a good feature request! You can click on the four boxes on the lower right to see all the slides... did you try that?
About links... is it normal that links for pages don't work ???
You can put a link in the title section of a page, but links on the slide from an uploaded document don't work, if that's what you mean.
But, good god, the windows are so small I need a telescope.

Sorry, I am not trying to make more work for you, Steve.

you're right Kevin but you can use a link :)
OK, I'm trying to work this out. I'm building a separate VT for each *category* of Web 2.0 tools. I just don't know where to put them all when I'm done!




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