Just a quick poll. Who would you give credit to for introducing you to "The Network"?

(Yes, I know the question is vague, deliberately so)

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Cindy Lane helped me find my network. Prior to her I used to listen to a great podcast. It has not been updated in a while and I miss it!
The instructional technologist in my school district introduced me to "The Network".
I found it through Wikispaces.... I think I found the link to the wiki CR2.0 first and then found this network. I;m really happy about it too!! Just wish it had been sooner or I would have definitely been to the San Fran meetup!
I found a teacher's wikispace and emailed a question. He wrote back with references to Vicki Davis' Coolcatteacher blog, Women of the Web 2.0 web cast, and K12 Online. I did the research from there.
"The Network" early 1990s style - loved business consultant's use of modem to connect to others; had no patience for figuring it out myself (more geek-speak necessary than I had patience for) but that guy amazed me with the possibility of connections.

The Provost of Princeton University showed me this really cool thing on the NeXT computer on his desk.

We had met at a conference for something called HyperText, and I asked for an appointment to discuss its use in education. Hypertext then was considered something requiring a fairly sophisticated database--Tim Berners-Lee turned that on its head, with his simple pointers across the Internet. When my host turned to his NeXTcube to demonstrate the WorldWideWeb, I didn't think it very impressive!

That Winter, I wonder how many of the few of us who saw the WWW demo from CERN thought it was going to catch on in a big way. I had recently written that we could soon expect worldwide cooperation on space projects conducted across the Internet. But the simple little app Lee released, with no pictures, and with most people limited to a 9.6K modem at best, sure didn't look promising!

The NeXT computer didn't last, and its offspring NeXTSoft sort of slid into Apple OS10, but its one little child seems to be growing up. :-)
"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore". Was that "The Network or "Network" or something completely different?
I considered "The Network" or "Network" the same thing ~ A Personal Learning Network (PLN)
Alice Mercer introduced me to Classroom 2.0, and finding this place was HUGE as far as my online learning goes.
I think I found this network from someone's Twitter - the way I find a lot of cool things.
I "became aware" October 2007 at a Will Richardson workshop and hooked in two weeks later after meeting David Jakes at the Illinois Education Technology Conference in Springfield. Steve Dembo was the first to invite me to actively participate through the secret santa. Since then I have been involved in great discussions with all sorts of great people to numerous to list, but thank you to my twitter network.
You did during one of your webinars. Thanks for the introduction!



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