I am new to social networking and need some guidance in this area. I am also looking for another 5th grade classroom to do a collaboration project involving social networking/technology. I have no idea yet what this will be and involve, but any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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If social networking is a new concept for everyone, why couldn't it be the focus of the project?
If you are interested in increasing or enhancing student writing, I'd be glad to invite some of your stronger, enthusiastic writers to join our blog. Let me know. N.
Thanks for your interest. I am still going through emails to find the best fit for my classroom. I will let you know soon if I would like you to particpate with me. Thanks!
I'd be glad to set you up with a 5th grade class from our district ,and your students could start out making comments to student writing and questions. That might be a great "break the ice" type of activity.
After that we could discuss what curricular areas are similar, like 5th Social Studies and if things go well we might even be able to set an account up for your students on our Student Community. Our IT Director is very helpful and supportive in this and has designed a Student Community with just enough security to keep the students out of trouble.
Everything they post - blog or comment goes through the teacher before it is made public, All the students sign permission slips with rules before they can post. Think about what kind of outcome you are after. I can provide all of this for you. Comments from writing can be a very motivating thing.

Check out this article from ISTE's magazine Learning and Leading. It was written by our IT Director.
Social Netowrking for the K-12 Set

You can check out our Student Community at:

Email me if you are interested.
Thanks for your interest. I am still going through emails to find the best fit for my classroom. I will let you know soon if I would like you to particpate with me. Thanks!
I might have a class for your networking proposal (skype/ichat?). What sort of project might you be interested in? Since you are new to this maybe just a buddy type collaboration at first would work? Where do you teach? I integrate tech for the district (TOSA) and so I might have just a teacher for you since I have nearly 20 fifth grade classes to access. Erik
Erik I am very interested in working with you and one of your 5th grade teachers for my project. I looked at your website and all the cool podcasts/blogs you have. I would like you to contact me directly so that we can discuss more. My email is jalbers@lindberghschools.ws. My skype is jennifer.albers. Let me know if those two forms of commuication will be sufficient. I am in the Lindbergh School District at Long Elementary in St. Louis, MO

I am new as well, and would like to work with your class. I teach 5th grade Science and Social Studies.
Please contact me directly so we can discuss what might be the best topic for a project to work on together.

My email is cindy.ford@decatur.esc11.net

Jennifer, I am an Education Technologist working with people similar to you. Consequently, I spent some time on developing strategies to enable teachers. The following is a link to one of the best ones I came across. I thought it was so good it needed no modification from me.

A Path to Becoming a Literate Educator (David Warick)
Thanks! This is very helpful!
http://education.ning.com/ is another spot to get this info.
I think it's amazing that so many people have responded to this request for collaboration between classrooms. I'd love to read some stories about "wow" moments that were generated by on-line collaboration.



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