I recently attended a conference given by Marilyn Friend dealing with best practices in collaborative teaching situations. If anyone is interested, perhaps we could set up a site where we could share examples of some of the methods from her books, and put the theories into practice. In can be any subject matter, any grade level. My 10th grade Civics class is completing a unti where my CT partner and I used station teaching and parallel teaching. I should be able to upload some video by the end of the week.

I anyone interested in this

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Video would be great! I encourage you not to leave this community. Why not have your discussion right here so all of us can stay connected to it? I'm preparing for a tech advisory committee meeting and I want to talk about professional development communities, which involves lots of collaboration, something that teachers don't get enough opportunities to do.
I love Marliyn's passion and dedication (and content/work) regarding the coteaching dynamic. I am and have been doing research in this area (but in the context of EFL where the roles of the specialist and generalist are reversed) and would look forward to any type of conversation.

I have put up many articles in a teaching research folder and also have many sterling videos and ppts. I've put one below that I use when lecturing here in Korea on the subject. Lots of misconceptions about coteaching and I think, lots of need for discussion. Marilyn also has a new website called the Coteaching Connection


I just re-read my first post, sorry for the number of typos. I am wrapping up the ppt from this week's unit. The kids responded well to it.



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