Create a Graph is an older website with new capabilities. We used it today to graph the occupations of the crew on the Titanic (part of a huge project). It's not rocket science but made nice looking graphs more quickly than excel.

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I like this site as well. A good one to just drop the data in and pres'0change-o a graph! Sometimes it just needs to be simple!
I've taught Excel over the years but I liked the "quick and easy" of this. N
I played with this a bit, and it has some nice results. Your chart can be exported as a graphic, meaning you can build it into a webpage, which is really nice. Does anyone happen to know if Excel can do something with charts?
You can make charts and graphs with Excel but applying "design" features is less intuitive for kids. One drawback with "Create a Graph" is there is a limited # of cells for data (50) and if you insert that many items you can't read them on the graph saved as a jpeg (font too small).
Yes, much easier than Excel. We used it to graph favorite Christmas songs back in December.



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