So, Edmodo, the Twitter for Education just started their alpha phase.

I believe in the promise of collective intelligence, (real) collaborative environments, social media and everything else Web 2.0 has to offer. I believe these core concepts of Web 2.0 can have an enormous impact on Education.

The questions I'd like to pose here are:

Do you guys believe in the potential for microblogging (through Twitter or Edmodo or whatever other service) for Education?

Have you tried applying similar tools in any class? What were the learning outcomes?

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BTW, thanks for sharing this!!
I think the real potential of microblogging is for students to "annotate" classes in real time or form sharing networks. My concern is that we are devaluing the real power of social network literacy by "teaching them" to students whose literacy skills make them already superior in negotiating these identities. If I see one more Shakespeare blog/myspace/microblog, I'm going to self-herniate.
I was actually given a chance to play around in edmodo last night - yippeee! You can check out my blog post about it here:
I have a colleague, a writing teacher, who has her students upload compositions to Pownce. All private and secure within her group. Students like the tool.
I know I'm kind of late chiming in on this, but I've been using for almost this whole semester, and so far I love it. I don't see myself going back to relying on the school's CMS anytime soon (I also use Ning extensively for some of my classes). I really don't agree with the comparisons to twitter; I think twitter is very different and has different functions. Edmodo is kind of unique because it also has the embedding function (which is AWESOME, especially for kids who are absent from class or need to have access to class notes as per their IEP), the file sharing piece, and the gradekeeping function, although I have to admit I've used that one the least only because our gradebook on the school network is pretty user-friendly as well as web-based.
I'll be teaching another Web 2.0 staff development in my district in June and plan to model edmodo as part of the class, so I'll let you know what the feedback is first-hand from the teacher pool.



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