Kathleen and I are talking about how Classroom 2.0 can be used in our positions as liaisons with districts in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Would I create my own social network? Would I just use my page to host discussions?

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Would you want to use Ning for that, or would it be better to set up something in AirSet (www.airset.com)?
Hi Susan, I just looked at the site and I think what we are looking for is an interactive web site that is easy to use, post discussion items, and share resources. But I will share airset with several friends I know who could use this!
Thank you.
Well Jody I think this is a great idea, and I am glad you thought of it! As you know, we have been struggling with just how to provide a social network for our TLN meembership. Let's developa shell to try out.
What are you trying to accomplish with your "social network"?

I see
"what we are looking for is an interactive web site that is easy to use, post discussion items, and share resources. "

Edublogs.org (Hi, James) is a good resource for that. Easy to use, flexible, etc.
You could also look into Netcipia (http://www.netcipia.com) or Wikidot (http://www.wikidot.com/) Personally, I like to get my vehicle "in house" or at least hosted. I have had several tragedies of sites going down or not being available when we needed it most in my long history. Thus, I come back to Moodle or Elgg.
There are so many options, you need to really think what you want it to do.
Ya. I own my own spaces, too.

Personally, I think renting host space from Bluehost or Dreamhost should be a pre-requisite for anybody who's serious about working out here in this space. Nothing educates like becoming an owner. :)

it's cheap, too. Two years worth of more server than you can use is less than the cost of 2 venti latte's a month. it's so cheap, I bought one for my wife to get her high bandwidth graphics off my backbone :)
Thank you Sharon for the resources. You mentioned Elgg... what is this? I am familiar with Moodle.
The new elgg - the old site http://elgg.org takes you to the open source download, I believe.
This is another social network developed as a learning landscape / e-portfolio resource developed in Scotland around 2004. In 2006, it released Elgg Spaces - touted as is the first ever service to allow you to create your own truly independent social networking site. They are now Eduspaces (to represent their mostly educational status) and there are presently over 13,000 users and some schools have jumped in big-time. Worth checking out.
Thank you nlowell! We are looking for different ways to share with technology leaders new and unique tools that may match the specific needs of a school district. I am really liking the design of this ning and the flexibility and ease of use to model communication strategies.
With regard to using Ning, and whether you should create your own network or use your page. I'd start by having them join Classroom 2.0, so they can see the discussion going on and dip their toes in, then also set up a social network, if you want, for your smaller group. My 2 cents. :)
Darn empire builders!! :)
Thank you Steve and for this network. I found this through the infinite thinking machine site and love the resources I have run into because of the itm and now this!



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