Can someone give me the name of a domain host? I would like to start building a web page. Also if there is one for free that would suit me best. But any help in this is appreciated.

If anyone has a link to some easy to understand directions about this that would be great too. Thank you.

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I chose for my blog at because they automatically installed my WordPress theme for me - super easy. I pay $7.95 a month if you pay for a full year in advance.

You have to deal with A LOT of ads on free hosting sites like Angelfire. Have you considered using a wiki instead? Wikispaces gives out free sites for educators.
To be honest I only recently even heard of a wiki. I would like to learn more about them. I have seen a few since I got to classroom 2.0. Would you mind helping me find a good link that would teach me how or give tips?
Watch this video called "Wikis in Plain English" by the Common Craft show. It explains the concept of a wiki - which is basically a collaborative document that is easy to edit.

Wikispaces offers free space (with no ads) if you are going to use it for educational use. Go to If you can type in a Word document - you can edit a wiki.

What's you goal? Have you considered having a blog instead of a website. Blogger by Google is very easy to use and FREE.
One could also use where you can set up blogs for your students.
My site is also with Bluehost and I am very happy with them!

I use They've hosted my site for 10 years and I can honestly say I have not had one minute of trouble. I don't think it's the cheapest but it's been great. You can see my site here. I like the look of a webpage much better than a wiki. You can see all the stuff we've done in the last few years here.
I enthusiasticaly recommend They host my teacher site (, my blog ( and half a dozen other small projects and domains of mine on one account. They've been inexpensive, incredibly reliable, and helpful in the extreme when I've done something stupid that messed up my hosting.
I checked out your sites and liked them allot. My fear is that I will start one, make the investment, and then run out of money and miss a payment or two. I will definitely book mark your the hosting site you recommended and try it out in the future. I really liked the way your pages looked and want something similar.
I use I've been happy with them. The key to a good host (other than cost) is that you must make sure you have a phone number you can call to get help when you need it. They do not always have this. You won't need to call most of the time but the day your site is down you won't want to wait two days for them to e-mail you back.

As far as step by step instructions, I would start by creating your page. If you've never done this before than use a program that will do most of the work. On the mac side there's freeway express and iweb...I couldn't tell you about PC equivalents but they must exist.

Your host will give you the step by step instructions to uploading it once you have your site built.
Thank you to both Nancy and Colette. I think I will try the wiki as this will be my first site. Thank you for all the links, they were very helpful. I'm sure in the future I will try have to pay something for a site, but as of now I will stick to what is free.
If this is a teacher site you can get a free host from google or lunar pages.
I have spent the last 20 minutes looking on the two sites you just said and I have not been able to locate the free hosting for teachers like you said. Do I have to go through the process of signing up and registering to find out that it is free?



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