Can someone give me the name of a domain host? I would like to start building a web page. Also if there is one for free that would suit me best. But any help in this is appreciated.

If anyone has a link to some easy to understand directions about this that would be great too. Thank you.

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How are you finding Dapper Apple? I tried a $20/year host for a year, but I didn't renew. My site was down more than it was up. It was really unreliable.
Well, it was pretty simple to set up. I havent had any problems. I guess its been about 6 months now.

I even got a coupon when i signed up for an extra 5 or 10 dollars off (I fogot how much) so all in all it has worked well for me.
I am using Lunarpages,, the signup link for public schools in the US is at the bottom of page. Yes, you only get 500 mb, I asked about more space, I presume if your site is getting lots of traffic and you have gobbs of applications online, then they might increase the space. I am running the school's web page and ATutor,, on it and I am only using half of the space. The control panel is Plesk, probably not as easy to use as Fantistico sounds. However, I was able to install all we currently need by myself with a little help from ATutor forums and the support at Lunarpages, both of which are really great.

School's web pages are not all that great, (converting them to css this summer), but they work and are easy for me to update.

Lunarpages and Hostgator are very good.

Stay away from They are just too expensive with their main focus on just upselling you on stuff that everyone else gives away.
Thanks, Joe, for posting this question. I was just today charged with the responsibility of locating an external server host for the web site I maintain at a nonprofit, educational partnership here in East Tennessee, USA. I knew I could search the discussions at CR 2.0 and find a wealth of advice. Sure enough, I did! I now have a list of about 10 hosts to investigate (as opposed to doing a Google search and sorting through a hundred thousand hits).

I just wanted you to know how your question has stimulated such an important knowledgebase from which others will benefit!
I use domainsite. Never had any issues with them.
I use hostgator. I have multiple domains and for less than $10 I have tons of space for all my domains. The service is great and reliable. I love Fantastico to quickly install a lot of apps.
I host my website on Dreamhost and registered my domains through GoDaddy. Dreamhost has been down for me 3 times these past 4 weeks; I'm considering moving my content to MediaTemple.



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