How are you using YouTube/Teacher Tube with your classroom?

We have started using You Tube and Teacher Tube in our K-12 classrooms for a variety of activities including (but not limited to) political science commercials, commercial spoofs and so on. We will be presenting at a tech conference at the end of April and am looking for other ways that you are using. Credit will definitely be given!
Here are links to our district HAL You Tube and Teacher Tube pages. Thanks for sharing!

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YouTube is not blocked in my district for teachers; I used a video today in my classroom. I use it and TeacherTube all the time. There are great videos in both places. I also host my masterycasts on TeacherTube and YouTube as another promotional option so teachers know they are out there. My site contains many cool things of interests from many sites including both of these.

TeacherTube has also provided me with teacher contacts for collaboration purposes. i have work in other subjects on my site, and I have made these contacts with these and other sources.

I wish YouTube would offer a filtered version, because it is really nasty at times. You have to watch the "related videos" like a hawk as they will often include unrelated BAD things. I ONLY embed the single video I am interested in. The compilations can get scary. Also, I always open the video page before I turn on the projector for the kids to see it because it often has offensive material somewhere on the page.


One of our teacher's spoke with some YouTube higher-ups at the Republican Debate and their argument was that YouTube is monitored by it's viewers, but I completely agree. The "related videos" piece usually will get you. Thanks! Can't wait to explore your site more.
That is great. As annoyed as I get with i-Reporters and the like, they do come in handy every now and then. Thanks!
I use it for professional development for others and myself. Often find videos on how to use technology - faster than reading the manual.
Hi! I recently wrote a post on my blog about making history come alive in the classroom with youtube.

You could read my other posts tagged with youtube as well here, or on (a community blog on education in India).

Hope these give you some perspectives from Indian teachers and educators.
Just an update, the wiki is coming together. Presentation in a few weeks!!
You may also want to see if your district can get United Streaming - educational videos that can be watched streaming or downloaded directly to your computer.

Also have been using Youtube videos embedded in Google Earth Overlays to show topics like volcanoes and an upcoming Aztec project.
I use youtube a lot. We have a video player at EFL Classroom 2.0 which I've loaded with hundreds of selected youtube videos both for prof. development and instruction. Commercials, geography, EFL / ESL, literacy, stories etc........ I find it much handier to do it this way than go to youtube or teacher tube. First, it avoids the problem of the network being down etc...also the big screen plays better, quicker. Students can also then quickly find them for review without searching the universe....I'd do this if I had the time as an educator for my own class.

We also have a karaoke channel. Full of speeches, dialogues, songs with text support - on youtube. I prefer vimeo for videos but youtube offers so much more exposure of the content!

Youtube hasn't been developed as well as it could as a "learning space". I'm privy to some important developments here and will be posting to Classroom 2.0 in the near future, an offer to "alpha" test a new youtube learning space. So stay tuned, it will be a marvellous opportunity for educators and especially their students.

I never thought I'd provoke a "breaking news" tease, but I can't wait to see the learning space.

It is mostly for ESL / EFL instruction and learning English but the use of text subtitling and the automation of that process "along with" allowing for voice recognition will be helpful to a lot of other teachers -- literacy, special ed, extension, vision impaired etc.....

I"m a big believer in "content" which means that in the new learning environment content is not something ruled and enforced and "whipped" by the powers that be. Rather "content" is that which can best convey process and thought. It is for us teachers to be the best "wires" through which this can happen. Teaching in now, more than ever, a "filter".....soon to come. In short, this means that youtube videos can be an amazing source of content -- if there is the right "conductor" swinging the bat and scoring musical homeruns.....

I actually have found that using Ning for video has been easier since YouTube is blocked at our school and Teacher Tube seems like it has a few bugs. I mainly use online video to show off student work from my graphic arts classes through our class website. It's a great way for students to be able to share their work with their families and the community. You can see my uses of video in my gallery on my class website at
I love the disclaimer you put on the Exotic Vistas. Thanks for the idea!



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