I just started my first wiki. I think I am doing alright, for now. Does anyone know how to change the standard picture? It is currently a tree next to the name I chose for the site. I have photo editing software and have created one that I would like to use, but I can't figure it out.

I recognized that on the classroom 20 wiki they had a different picture and I would like to do the same. Any help?

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If you are using wikispaces you go to Look and Feel and scroll down to the logo section. You choose your new logo and upload it. Good Luck, N.
Did you find the Look and Feel? When you are on your space (not your profile or user page), click on Manage Space. Then it is on that page. You can check out mine for some ideas. Find it here.
Hi Joe, do you mean how to change the logo so that you no longer have the little potplant image? If so, goto manage space>look and feel>scroll down to logo. Goto browse, find your resized image and insert. (You may need to resize the image to quite small proportions.) I changed my logo at www.ejourneys.wikispaces.com Hope that helps.
Thanks to all who replied. I got it figured out.
Hey, no problem. I went and looked at the site anyway. Thanks for the link.



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