.flv .avi .m4v .mp3...Are you lost in the lingo and file format options?

Being self taught, it is easy to be clueless when people start throwing these terms around. I admit, I know what they are, but am not so sure why I need one over the other... I'll tell you what I DO know, and then perhaps the group can chime in on the rest.....

When I create my "masterycasts", I create them in two formats... Flash- (.flv) and Ipod format- (MPEG-4 or .m4v) The flash file runs very smoothly on the site, and the iPod format is necessary to be downloaded to the kids iPods. When you go to the site you will see the flash, and if you are signed in, you will see the download link to the .m4v file. The iPod file exists as Apple's intentional proprietary system. What are some of the advantages or places where the other formats are used? Why pick one over the other? What others have we left out? Why do we have to be familiar with the lingo and options?

(PS- This is also posted in a new Ning called iPod Educators. If you enjoy this type of conversation, please consider joining us! :) )


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Indigo--I'm thinking you need to make a dictionary with the format names, when they are used, what they are used for and why the heck we'd want to use them. I'm just starting with audio and video and am in a file format forest. I made a mockup of the cover when you get ready to publish.
Did you see the motto for your book? "It will not in your best interest to guess!" You'd better get to work, I'll check back tomorrow. N.
Yes! This is great. ok I have many, and I am not ashamed to show my lack of expertise! Here are a few...

Dumb question #1- What is the difference between .m4v and .mp4? The files coming out of Camtasia come out as .m4v for the iPod file. Is the MPEG4 the same as .m4v? Only my .m4v files will auto load to iTunes on my computer, and run through feedburner to my podcast in iTunes.

Question #2- Why is flash the choice for files running on sites, versus the other file formats? I was told to have the stuff on my site to run in flash has the best option. (I have a Drupal site) Why? What file formats are best for what?


I'll get Sue to ask the questions--I don't know enough to even ask---I'll lurk around and wait for the answers. N.
Hey- There is no question too silly. When lurking, you will see! I'll be happy to ask a few more as long as others are willing to answer them. It's the only way to learn. Don't be shy...ASK...:)

Most people don't get this stuff-- that's why I brought it up. .

I'm also looking for a good file converter so I can get whatevcer I need regardless of what I have! Preferably free..

Hi Nancy & Sue,
I'm new to even thinking about file formats, but I've found that if I've found a few file converters I like--one is Zamzar
i always choose mp3 or ipod mp4. i think mp3 and ipod mp4 have the best quality.

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