I have started a wiki one month ago but have been struggling to find good, useful activities that may be added to my wiki. I teach high school math and would appreciate any leads into good productive activities that may promote or enhance my lessons. I teach college prep geometry and some low level math.

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Try looking at: A Difference blog (high school level) and Make It Interesting blog (middle school level).
Thank You these are excellent resourses. I really loked the high school blog.
Both of these blogs were a great addition to my classroom. Thank You so much for those selections.

I hope you saw a few things that might be useful at our meeting today. I thought Kristen had some great ways to utilize the wiki. Have you thought about giving students their own wiki or a page on your wiki? Getting them to communicate their understanding of math on a wiki where others can share their learning could be extremely powerful. Uploading Jing screencasts or VoiceThreads could also elicit some interesting conversations. Just a few thoughts.
I am working with Jing a little. I use a lot of interactive websites with my kids in geometry. They love these sites because it shows the visual side of topics. I like your idea of communicating their ideas of math on a wiki. Thanks for the suggestions.
How about having your kids make videos to teach concepts to younger kids---you could do a Mr. Wizard kinda thing...costumes, props to teach measurement, fractions, percents, etc. Also check out Dan Meyer's blog, He's a young whippersnapper (but so are you). He scoffs at Web 2.0 but teaches Math in a 2.0 style. He really seems to love math and love his kids---many of the lessons he teaches could easily be posted to blogs, wikis, etc.
I will check this out. I really like the idea of a hands on approach. Kids love to get up and be involved.
I really liked Dan's blog. He had a great activity on plane departures. This was a great real life experience that relates to math. Thanks so much for the suggestion.
One idea that I have but haven't tried yet is to assign groups of students different sections of a unit and then have each group contribute to a wiki creating a students created, student language and thinking overview of the unit. I teach 4th grade math but I have done wikis like this within some online classes so high school students should handle this easily.
I find this amazing: instead of (or probably besides) reading on a textbook, the students actually write their own hypertextbook. And I find that the wiki net topology is much more useful than the sequential presentation of a traditional text, when it comes to representing a network of concepts as is typical of mathematics and other sciences...
In your experience, which are the best suitable wiki spots to use in a classroom?
Here are some ideas from India. On a community blog for teachers in India - educatorslog.in - a member who is also an award-winning teacher in India, shared a couple of Math blogs she maintains - a class blog as well as a personal blog on Mathematics teaching/learning.

You could check out her post on educatorslog.in.

-Shuchi Grover

I teach high school math and just now catching up with the technology out there. Over the weekend, I created a wiki that I would like to start using with my students. Do you have one still up and running that I might be able to view and get ideas? Would appreciate any advice you have with using one in the classroom.





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