Update: A Collaborative Project for Beginners-- Want to Join? Grade 2 Focus

Update #2: Several more folks have agreed to join the project (tho Matt, below had to drop out) so I think the best idea would be to set up a wiki where we collect our ideas, calendar of events, and resources. Stay tuned, I'll add the wiki link here after I create it later tonight. Thanks everyone! This will be fun!

Update: I HAVE TWO LIVE ONES! Matt in Michigan and Lorraine in Mass are thinking of joining this project. Thanks everyone. I am cross-posting from the Global Education Collaborative Ning.

I am helping three grade 2 teachers do a small project that demonstrates the power of collaboration. We would like to meet others whose students will create and share short slide sets with voiceover about My Favorite Toy.
The set: Photo of child and toy, Google earth placemark showing where toy was made, scanned drawing by child of scene in which he/she gets or uses the toy, with voiceover.
I am putting together a lesson template now and can share it with participating classes so we're on the same page. Interested? Please let me know! We would be ready to share after April 7.

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I have some teachers that may want to do this. I will ask them Friday and let you know if they would like to do this.
Please do, MATT!
Could you give me some more information about this. The teachers are not that tech. knowledgable but they seemed interested. I told them I could help with the tech piece. Thanks
Neither are mine, MATT! I'm fleshing out the details... will send along. Where are you located?
We are located in Greenville, Michigan
I would be interested in joining you in doing a short collaborative project with five of my second graders however there are permission issues so I could use the voice and toy but not the child's photo (maybe a child's illustration holding a photo of the toy?
yes, a better idea, no kid photo.
I'm hammering out a more complete description, will send along. Lorriane, where are you located?
I am located in Newton, MA outside of Boston.
Lorraine, we are ready to go, would like to meet with your kids the week of April 14. I wonder if you might do a skype call early next week with me and the collaborating teachers to discuss the project. Let me know. On Skype I'm jkrauss1989.
Here's what I said to my teachers:
I would like to do a short project with you and your kids. It would be a multimedia writing and art project about My Favorite Toy. Kids would bring their toy (stuffed and small), we'd photograph it, they draw a picture and write a few words about how it came to them, we identify where it was made and put that on a Google Earth map (me) and we record them telling a little about their favorite toy. The whole thing becomes a multimedia "story", one per class.
I have a few classes in faraway places interested in doing this with us. What do you think? We might even get to meet others through videoconferencing.
Teacher's job:
-Get appropriate toys to school (think: special shelf!). They should have "made in" tags (we can model how to find)
-Set aside time for drawing/writing (I take photos and record them talking during this time, and also come back for kids 1:1) 30-45 minutes
-Get a parent or parents in who could help with camera or audio "centers".
-Set aside time for a little geography lesson where we identify where toys came from (smartboard) - we coteach this. 30 minutes. Later I can add placemarks to Google Earth for later viewing.
-If collaboration pans out, set aside time for a skype videoconference, and the pre-v.conference preparation it will require. 60 minutes total?
NOW, Matt and Lorraine, what do you think? Doable? We could hold a skype call to hash it out. Let me know.
I will run it by my teachers Monday. I believe it is doable, not a lot of tech the teachers have to really know. I think it sounds like a really fun activity. I will get back to you Monday.
Were you thinking that all participants would use the same technology to record the images/ voices? If not, I would like to use my virtual classroom to make the recording with the student images and voices and share the URL.



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