I was thinking we could take advantage of Talkshoe's GREAT features and meet to discuss practical ways of integrating Web 2.0 and Education.
Please let me know if you guys would join. I think it would be something we could all learn from. The badge bellow lets you connect to it.
If you guys would like to discuss a different date or if you think it simply won't be an interesting to do at all, let me know. Thanks.

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Hi, Enzo!

The Talkshoe link isn't pulling up for me. What time zone is the 1:30pm set for?

I've been traveling the last three weeks, so I haven't had time to announce that Elluminate has agreed to sponsor future Classroom 2.0 Live Conversations, and would be glad to host your discussion there and publicize more broadly to the site members, and add it to our wiki listing. Would it be worthwhile to introduce my blog post on Web 2.0 in education as a potential topic? See:


Glad to see you taking the bull by the horns!

Good blog post on some of the main elements of Web 2.0. Definitely points out some topic ideas for the podcast/conference call.

I chose the time in Eastern Standard Time (New York time zone).
The goal is for more people to join, so let's try to come up with a time that is best for most people. There are some really good "thinking heads" here in CR2.0 that would bring a lot to the discussion.

Talkshoe lets you connect to the call in different ways: you can simply install the Talkshoe software and log into the conversation at the scheduled time (a chat window shoe up and you can talk using your mic and speakers) OR you can simply call from any telephone and interact with everyone.


Are you familiar with the wiki page I set up for these kind of conversations? See http://www.classroom20wiki.com/LIVE+Conversations. Go ahead and add your event there if you want. I'll also plan on joining.

I'm going to be starting back up a series this coming week as well, so let's be sure to keep in contact!

Hi Enzo...
I like the idea and would like to join in but being in CST zone, I am either in class or in a PLC or conference at about that time. I may just have to login later to check out the recording of it. I think you should base it on the level of interest and where everybody is from for you to decide on the time. It's totally different for someone in Pacific Standard Time too. Really early for them.




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