hey everybody it is Mike P again and i was just wondering if any body knew of any good sites where i can find videos or even a good podcast for cellular biology? i started to look but i haven't had much help so any kind of site would be useful

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thank you both those links have been an incredible help
Hi Mike,
Have you seen "Cells Alive" ? It has great visuals - vidoes, interactives of mitosis and meiosis, puzzles and quizzes.
Good recommendations from all. I have used the "Cells Alive" website which is excellent, as are the others.

I would like to recommend a science education portal BioInteractive. Their motto is, "Teach Ahead of the Textbook", and BioInteractive is part of a worldwide effort by research scientists to help more people learn about science. Their focus at BioInteractive is providing material and information for science educators and their students.

Research labs and universities provide excellent virtual labs, still images, "Holdiay Lectures" on a science topic, videos, podcasts and so much more. I have used various BioInteractive materials with 6th - 12th grade students. Many of the materials could be used with younger students.

You can sign up for the HHMI Bulletin. The May Issue

would be very helpful to teachers. You can sign up to receive their newsletter and get updates that can be used as current events for science or professional development information.
I use the smartboard as a hands-on tool and assessment of knowledge. They have plant cells and animal cell labeled and without labels. The one without labels, I have the students fill in the blanks to assess what they know. Sometimes I have students draw the organelles and label them on the Smartboard. Then, Iif someone is absent, I can print it off for them to see and catch up.
Great idea. Welcome to Classroom2.0. The virtual labs and other multimedia and interactive opportunities, like the Holiday Lectures at HHMI, would also benefit from being displayed on a smartboard. You can even order many of these materials in DVD or other format, and they are provided free of charge for education.
I have created a site called 3D Cell Explorer. It contains 40 animations of cellular structures and processes that I created when I was teaching high school biology. I would be interested to hear what you think of it.
I just played your animated video, 3D Cell Explorer. It is a great basic animation that I think would be great to use to introduce the cell.

Just wondering if you've updated your cell explorer more. Thanks.
Very nice web site! I like how the videos are short and I can show during lecture very easily! Nice Work!
My favorites, already mentioned are Cells Alive!, HHMI BioInteractive. Check out John Kyrk's site, too!
All of these sites look great, but I am not sure if I will be able to use them in my class because of technology deficiencies within the school. Are there any in class activities that you could recommend? This is my first time to teach biology in 6 years. I have been teaching and studying English during that time.
Hi Mike,
Please check out the Biology page I made for my school. It includes videos and review games for Cells. Go to http://schools.u-46.org/index.pl?id=2990 and click on the button on the left hand side that says SHS Biology.
I hope this helps.



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