Hi all, just trying to get a feel where everyone else is at. Our district blocks any site that has forums, blogs, and basically any Web 2.0 tool. What kind of access do others have in your districts? The funny thing is, I brought in my broadband card today so that I could access this HORRIBLE site that would have otherwise been blocked in our district....(Sarcasism noted?) Why block? Teach!

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Here in Italy they would first need to know that these sites actually exist and what they are, and maybe then they might decide to block them or, more likely, to happily ignore them...
There have been cases of videos taken by students inside schools and posted on YouTube. All school authorities did was to ban cell phones inside classrooms...
our district promotes Web 2.0 and supports its instructional uses. However, teachers have to apply to have a blog and explain their purpose for it. Once the supervisor of IT approves, they're put in a blog users group and have access without being blocked. I have a link on my blog ("OB Fifth Graders...") and you can see an example of how this teacher's using blogging wisely. We've noticed improved student behavior and higher grades as a result (http://ppsblogs.net/brianmckee). Hope this helps...
Hi Stu
It is pretty much the same in Ireland. Unfortunately, everything is blocked on the secondary schools network! Flickr, Youtube, all social networking sites, all file sharing sites, all blogging sites! No chance yet of using many of the Web2.0 tools in a creative and responsible way. These sites are not opened even upon request.
Of course most of the students have Internet connection at home and can access these sites in their own time!!



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