In a month I will be providing staff development for my district of k-6 teachers and I would like to offer insight into the world of Google. What can Google do, is my question. From Google Earth to Google Analytics, what have you discovered and how is it used and useful? I think amassing useful Google tools would be a great discussion and it certainly would be helpful to my coming instruction.

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Here's a wiki set up (I think) by Chris Walsh that's probably a good place to start. It has handouts and the like...
Thanks, I'll give it a go!
GooglePages for quick, easy and great looking portfolios are one way for students and teachers to showcase work as well as communicate online.
We, as a school district, have been using Google Apps for our email and collaboration needs. We've only really introduced the email. But a few of our teachers have figured out that Google Docs for your domain lets you share documents with other teachers in the district. Google Sites which rolled out a couple of days ago for Google Apps allows you to build a website and distribute administration rights to others. Within that site, you can import your shared Google Docs within the district. Google Calendar has been valuable to us too. Here is a link to our district calendar embedded in our website with Google calendar. I can invite other administrators around the district to add and modify events as needed. And all the other school websites around the district don't have to retype the calendar themselves to put it other their school's website. They can simple import and embed this calendar (even if they don't have permission to edit). Google Apps has been really valuable to us as a tool. Not to mention its free for schools!



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