Has anyone here used the website Quizlet? I have just started teaching a beginners English group of mainly children and wanted to create flashcards and found this site online and wanted to try it out. My kids are tech savvy, they love the internet (or so they tell me) and I was wondering how people had used this site so I could try it out with them. I've never really thought of using an online flashcard site before. I'm curious to see how other teachers got along with this site and if they found it easy or hard to use :-)

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I'm not an expert in this area, but do know of another site: www.flashcardfriends.com
Great, thanks Steve, I'll have a look at this one too :-)
I used quizlet today with my Yr9 Japanese class. It allows you to set up your own groups. You can password protect the group - allowing only members of your class to join. I created lists to help learn the Japanese script and the site allows you to familiarise yourself with the word lists before testing yourself. There are a variety of tests as well as a couple of other flash games which the students really enjoyed. It keeps score in some games so the students can compete against each other. Any member of the group can create a new list, so students can create their own word lists for themselves or others in the class. There are other features I haven't explored (you can post discussions in your group, alternatively you can turn this feature off) but so far it has been very useful and easy to use.
Hi Andrew!!
Thanks a lot, I have registered and setup some lists for my MEC groups and they seemed to like the idea of this site a lot. They are going to try it out over the weekend and let me know what they think of it. It has a lot of functions in the site as well as many different ways for the students to use which I liked a lot as students, especially young teens can get bored very quickly. I like this timer function of the games as students like to be competitive and mine will have fun i think trying to beat their times :-) Web 2.0 is slow to take off I find in my city in Brasil but I think sites like this make it fun for the students to do something fun and different to learn English :-)
Quizlet is awesome! I use it at my alternative school. Just the test generating feature alone is worth the effort of creating vocab lists. I can not say enough good things about quizlet!



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