ABC has a new sitcom entitled Miss Guided that demeans the teaching profession in the worst way. Educators are portrayed as “one semester ahead of the students,” socially awkward, and sexual predators. The school is portrayed as halls filled with sex and violence where students even “flunk remedial P.E.” The basis of the story is a terribly flawed guidance counselor returns to her high school to begin her career. She is overwhelmed by the immature feelings of her school days and is so introspective she cannot adequately guide the students. If you want to see the pilot episode and judge for yourself (hey, maybe I’m a tad too sensitive), log on to, go to Full Episodes, find Miss Guided, and view “Homecoming.” Let me know what you think.

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Hi Connie

I can see why you would feel that way. I did see the show and wasn't quite as bothered by it...maybe because it's done in such a broad comedic way. Everyone on the show is an extreme stereotype. Unfortunately, I know a few people who fit a couple of them ;) I got the message they were poking fun at the insecurities/issues we all have and that tend to be the most pronounced in a high school setting. I didn't think of it as a potrayal of truth anymore than a show like Scrubs re: hospitals.

Personally, I am much more bothered by dramatic series re: educators. The last one I remember was Boston Commons (I think that was it). It was much more troubling because situations that should result in firing and/or criminal charges were pesented as normal occurences. I couldn't watch it.

We all have to draw our own lines somewhere. Hopefully we're teaching our students to do the same.
I watched it last week and its hilarious. Yes, I'm a teacher. There's a lot worse out there.
I agree, the vice principal is very funny. And Yes I am also a teacher.



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