I know that this sounds boring and creatively dull, but I am interested in looking for a canned math program that might be used in an after school setting. A program that grows and adapts to their needs as they gain skills and become more fluent in math. Something that will also provide me feedback of their progress. I know this isn't the greatest use of technology, as I personally like to see students using it to create or demonstrate their knowledge, but an effective program could prove to be very useful to both me and the students in my program.

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Check out Number Worlds for elementary.

The Building Blocks software is a proven winner also it tracks students progress.
I read some controversial blogs, some homeschooler, some anti-traditional schoolers--anyway they always go on and on about the benefits of Singapore Math---isn't that pretty structured? It's not on computer, I don't think.
Hmm . . . I have a friend in Singapore, I will have to touch base with him about it. I would like to utilize technology on the tracking side of things, but if it is effective, it might be something to look at. Thank you for your suggestion.
Check out the Kidspiration. video tutorial and see if the math component will work for your after school program.

Knowing Mathematics by Liping Ma and Kathy Kessel is an intervention program for grades 4-6 (http://www.eduplace.com/intervention/knowingmath/).

ILearn (http://www.ilearn.com/iPass-Info.htm) is an online intervention program and VMath (http://www.voyagerlearning.com/vmath/advisoryboard.jsp) is a combination text and online program.

I haven't used the last two, but I did use Knowing Math. It is designed for students who are 1 to 2 grades below level.

Looking at programs that adapt to different levels sounds great! I have 6th graders currently and many are not on grade level. We hope to grow this to be a 6-12 program, so something that would work with all age levels and ability would be superb! Thank you for the links! I will do some research on all of these and continue with more questioning.
At my high school we use www.study island .com or pro ohio. We just adapted pro ohio to help us with state testing.
I have just learned that my former school district is doing Study Island. They let me test drive it. It maybe one way of going about it. It is nice on the reporting side of things, but how did the students respond?
We only use pro - ohio. I didn't do a whole lot with my students using study islan.
There is a SIngapore math program online called HeyMath! that I have been using. It has a teacher edition and a student edition with assessment. Check out their "About HeyMath" links. The presentations are good but you will have to be connected to the Internet to use it.

I am using several "Singapore math" textbooks this year. In general it is more accelerated than U.S. textbooks and you will find different approaches on how to solve some problems. These are not necessarily bad things and may be what you are looking for. If you want a remedial type of program though, I think you will have to knock it down a grade or two.

If you are a math teacher, please take a look at my new site, RealWorldMath.org It uses Google Earth as a tool to teach mathematics. This is brand new, so please spread the word to any math teachers you may know.

Hope this helps, tom

PS - I just took a look at HeyMath and they currently seem to be offline(?)
Fantastic! I will pass on the word to my math guru friends. I appreciate the collaboration and resources!
You might look into Vmath Live...my students love it.



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