I know that this sounds boring and creatively dull, but I am interested in looking for a canned math program that might be used in an after school setting. A program that grows and adapts to their needs as they gain skills and become more fluent in math. Something that will also provide me feedback of their progress. I know this isn't the greatest use of technology, as I personally like to see students using it to create or demonstrate their knowledge, but an effective program could prove to be very useful to both me and the students in my program.

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I am trying to pilot this program myself. What are the features that you and your students like about V-Math?
I love the reports and certificates. My students love to compete against other students from around the world. They also like that problems/solutions are explained to them.
After viewing the site, I thought that it looked like it explained itself well. I love the global view piece. So with that said Pros and Cons?
How did your pilot go? I am looking very seriously at this program. Would like to know more about the pros and cons.
My school uses Mathletics. It is an Australian program used worldwide (I'm in Hong Kong). The students love it, can access it 24/7 and teachers can monitor progress online.
It costs AU$30 per student through a school for a year long subscription.
This looks to be the same as the http://www.vmathlive.com/ which really looks great! I appreciate your input on this question. I am looking forward to investigating more!
I have also heard of Digital Tabula's on-line gaming. Anyone with a lot of experience with that? It was a little challenging for me to the hang of it when I did the demo. Of course I am not a gamer so students may be more intuitive with it than I was. I would love hear other testimonials.
With regard to the Building Blocks software (https://ca.sranumberworlds.com), how can a parent buy it?
Maybe you could purchase it as a home school program would. I know that the VMath Live could be purchased by a parent. Either company you might contact their customer service to find out for sure.

I cannot get in touch with SRA Online for an individual package. You need to to buy a minimum of 20 licenses at 10 bucks per child for online access.

The CD ROM is 75 bucks. Do homeschoolers get it at a lower cost? I hope so!
I teach math intervention and we use the "Harcourt" math intervention program. It provides inventory tests for beginning and end of school year, pretest, posttests, skill packs that are set up for differentiated instruction. I really like it and it provides tons of feedback about the children.
Sounds good Yvonne. Unfortunately for us, we do not use Harcourt. Is the intervention piece independent of the actual program?



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