Does anyone know of a good book or website that gives step by step instructions for using movie maker?

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Replies to This Discussion has a FREE tutorial series on Windows® Movie Maker 2. I found it by doing a Google Search on "Movie Marker Tutorial". There are thousands of how to use Movie Marker videos on YouTube.

PC Media Net does a good job with his presentation.

If you have any specific questions on using the program, let me know.
Hi Jeanie,
why use a website when you have me? :-)

1) from my own experience using MM, it crashes all the time. However, it is the simplest product to use. Also, from what I hear, Vista has less hiccups.
2) here's a youtube clip with instructions for using movie maker.

Don't volunteer, you may pay for it later after I bug you to death!

Thanks for the help!
If you want to push MovieMaker well past what most people do you might want to check out

There is some really good stuff here.
That site was invaluable to me every time I had a Movie Maker issue!
Atomic Learning
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I have a few examples and tips on a site I used for a workshop:

Moviemaker is pretty easy to use, but it is problematic if you try to "move" the projects around from computer to computer.
Thanks everyone for being so helpful. I may just figure this out yet!



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