Earlier in January I compiled a list of blogging resources for those educators wishing to learn more about blogging for themselves and/or their students. At this site you'll find info. on what blogging is, research and statistics related to blogging, suggestions about hosted blogging platforms to use, educational rationale for and pedagogy of blogging, as well as many examples of student and teacher blogs. If you know of another source that is just flat out great and you don't see it listed, I'd love suggestions. I'm hoping to update it soon. Thanks. :)

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Wow! What an extensive list you have devised here. I love it.
You may like to add -
http://murcha.wordpress.com/2008/03/27/keeping-students-cybersafe/ by Anne Mirtschin She also has other great topics covered.

Thank you -- thank you! :) I'll go check it out later today.
Hello, I like your clear and concise list for the "blogging". Here is a related article "A vision of classroom blogging" by Anne Davis from "Learning and Leading with Technology" magzine on Feb 2008. http://www.iste.org/Content/NavigationMenu/EducatorResources/YourLe...
Jessie - Thanks! I'll take a look at this tonight! Much appreciated. :)
Good stuff!

Couple of quick ideas. (Thanks for linking to supportblogging.com btw.) 1. Might consider the wiki format for this. 2. Might consider a Diigo group for links on educational blogging. I started an educational blogging group a couple of days ago for this purpose, but haven't really done anything yet. http://groups.diigo.com/groups/educational-blogging. 3. Seems like this would be a great moment to do a webcast on educational blogging with you based on these resources. A "beginners guide." Could do it at www.classroom20wiki.com/live+conversations. Just let me know!
This sounds like a great idea. Even though blogging has been around for a while now, it is only really starting to take off here in Victoria, Aust. There is a big push for learning in 'an online world' within our schools and I can see that a few more schools are becoming interested in this. As an 'Ultranet/ICT coach' I am supporting leadership in getting these ideas off the ground so a Live Conversation on this topic would be well appreciated and very timely.

If you like the idea, I'd be delighted to support you in organizing a show on this. Interested?
OK, let's just schedule this and do it for sure. It would really help to have someone who takes responsibility for guiding people through the topic. J--would you be willing to play that role? I think you could use your research as the starting point, and just cover in general terms where educators are having success and how. Then we can open up for Q&A. The recording of this show then becomes a great resource for others just starting.

Helen: want to help?

Want to do next week or the week after?
Steve -

Let's do the week after, if that is okay. Yes, I can guide people through the topic, as well, talk about what prompted my research and where educators are experiencing success. Would you like me to share about some of my own experiences and success? I just had a fantastic conversation with a student today about the power of blogging. It was such a wonderful learning moment for the both of us. It was a WOW moment, for sure!
Yes to everything. Pick a day and time and we'll schedule it.
Done. Now on www.classroom20wiki.com/live+conversations and also listed on www.learningevents.org. :) Nothing special to know. I'll tutor you along the way. Just be ready to go over what you've learned and your resources, and I'm sure we'll get other great contributors. :) I typically log on about 20 - 30 minutes in advance to check out mic, sound, etc. Might be good for you to do the same.

Okay. How exciting to get to share, and hear what others are thinking about and doing in this area. :) I've written it in and I'll log on about 20-30 min. ahead to do a mic check, etc. Just got a brand new Snowball Mic -- now I'll have to break it out this weekend and get her broken in. :)



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