I'm new to podcasting but very excited about the idea to use it in my future teaching. I actually chose to present in my teaching credential class about podcasting but I ran into a slight problem. I have found wonderful podcasts to use for my presentation from iTunes, I have an iPod but I'm not quite sure how I can hook up my iPod to the PC in my class to allow my peers to see the video and sound from my podcast. Any suggestions??

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Install iTunes on the PC in the class (or your laptop) and grab the podcast directly from iTunes?

Play the podcast on the PC

iPod as a unit is irrelevant if you've got connection to iTunes on a computer.
Sound and video WILL play through your PC but if you're talking about the whole class being able to see and hear your laptop screen, that's a different story. You can buy a $20 adapter that lets you hook iPod up to TV...that might be a better option if you have to show podcast to a large group.
What a wonderful idea! I believe that this will be the easiest solution to my problem so the class can view the video and sound from my iPod podcast. Thank you!
If the podcast(audio) is on your ipod, just hook the ipod directly to some speakers and voila, they can hear it.

Does the room you present in have an LCD projector? If it does, and the computer has Itunes, just hook the ipod up and you can play it for everyone that way.

Hope that helps!
Yes, my classroom does have an LCD projector and I asked my professor if the class computer had iTunes but unfortunately it didn't. I don't believe they will allow me to install any programs for my presentation.
There's actually a quick cheap fix, if you purchase an audio/video cable for your ipod you can display it all right to your lcd projecor. very simple. i picked up a cable and toysrus for about $15. http://www.hdaccessory.com/servlet/Detail?no=6 here is an example of what i mean.



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